Cumberland Manor Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Alleges Lap Dance and Bed Sore

Lawsuit vs. New Jersey Nursing Home for Bed Sores and Neglect

New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect Case Alleges Negligence, Seeks Compensatory and Punitive Damages

A Cumberland County lawsuit suing Cumberland Manor alleges nursing home negligence caused an elderly resident’s wrongful death. The New Jersey nursing home abuse case involves the passing of Cumberland Manor resident Fred Pittman. In addition to wrongful death allegations, the lawsuit against Cumberland Manor alleges that staff violated Mr. Pittman’s dignity by performing a lap dance on him.

Allegations vs. Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Fred Pittman resided in Cumberland Manor from 1-23-2018 through 2-14-2018. During this short residency, the Complaint alleges he was neglected and developed bed sores, sepsis and significant undernourishment. Additionally, the lawsuit against Cumberland Manor nursing home alleges that the corporation did not allocate resources to adequately provide for residents, including Mr. Pittman. To add insult to injury, the facility staff performed a ‘simulated lap dance’ on the 84 year old dementia patient.

Fred Pittman died in March of 2018.

Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Response to the Lawsuit Allegations

When asked for comment on the plaintiff’s allegations, Administrator Steve Brodt said:

“The complaints of this particular family have been investigated by regulators and found to be unsubstantiated . . . We will defend any litigation as appropriate and will have no further comments.”

Although the state investigators were unable to confirm the lap dance allegation, the family feels that the sexual misconduct will be established through deposition testimony.

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