Deficiencies and Lawsuits Against FutureCare Nursing Homes

FutureCare Lawsuits and Citations

FutureCare’s Prior Legal Issues

FutureCare is a nursing home corporation based in Maryland, overseeing 15 locations throughout the state. Of the 15 locations, 12 are located in Baltimore. Despite their heavy presence in the Baltimore area, however, the company’s track record has been checkered. From the many health inspection citations at their multiple locations to the lawsuits alleging poor care and negligence, FutureCare has had a history of legal issues.

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FutureCare’s History of Lackluster Health Inspections

In Maryland, according to, the average number of health citations against nursing homes is 14.9, which is nearly double the U.S. average of 8.1.

In particular, FutureCare’s Canton Harbor location has been cited an astounding 33 times, over four times more than the national average and more than double the average for citations in Maryland itself.

Canton Harbor’s most recent health inspection from 2019 explains the drivers behind the citations. Among the many deficiencies, the facility was cited for “failing to ensure that residents were treated with respect and dignity” (such as by not feeding a resident until after the food had been cold and sitting for some time) as well failing to protect the confidentiality of the residents and maintain a clean and comfortable facility.  Not having clean and well run facility can lead to serious injuries like bed sores, falls, and even wrongful death.

Future Care Cold Spring and Future Care Irvington have fared better in their health inspections than the Caton Harbor location; however, they too have received more citations than the average nursing home in Maryland, coming in at 16 and 15, respectively. Among the citations for both facilities, mistreatment of residents was noted repeatedly, with documentation noting the facilities’ failure to “honor the resident’s right to a dignified existence” and “honor the resident’s right to a safe, clean, comfortable, and homelike environment.”

Lawsuits Against FutureCare Nursing Homes

FutureCare locations have faced many lawsuits since their inception. For example, the Canton Harbor nursing home, Future Care Canton Harbor, has five currently open cases and has been sued 24 times in the past 20 years, with a settlement or ruling in favor of the plaintiff in 16 of those 24 cases.

Future Care Irvington, another one of the company’s locations in Baltimore, has faced similar legal issues, with more than 20 lawsuits since 2003; seven cases are either active or open at the time of this post. Similarly, Future Care Cold Spring has seen 19 lawsuits since 2002, with half of those cases currently either open or active.

Even the locations that have fared better in terms of citations, like the Future Care Charles Street location Future Care Homewood, have still struggled with legal issues. This nursing home facility currently has four active or open lawsuits against them.

Common Nursing Home Negligence Allegations in a FutureCare Lawsuit

While every case is different, as nursing home negligence attorneys, we see common red flag injuries which suggest neglect.

Nursing Home Abuse Red Flag Injuries

If your loved one developed bedsores, broken bones, significant weight loss or untreated infection while at a FutureCare facility, you might have a potential case.

Can you Sue FutureCare for Nursing Home Abuse?

If you believe that the poor care Future Care has given you or a loved one has been neglectful or abusive, you should contact our Maryland nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. Senior Justice Law Firm has worked with cases of nursing home neglect and abuse for years and would be happy to discuss your situation in a free consultation. Reach out to us through our chat feature or call us at 410-934-3988. If you prefer, you can also submit your information below.

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