Avante at St. Cloud Lawsuits for Nursing Home Neglect

Lawsuits against Avante at St. Cloud

Avante At St. Cloud, Inc. Lawsuits and Citations

Located south of East Lake Tohopekaliga, Avante at St. Cloud, Inc. is a nursing home managed by Avante at St. Cloud, Inc. since March 2003. The 131, for-profit facility is located at 1301 Kansas Avenue, St. Cloud, Florida 34769-5999 and, to date, has been fined a total of $6,375 by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). The Saint Cloud skilled nursing facility is part of a larger Avante chain of nursing homes.

The fines imposed by AHCA included a settlement agreement reached with the facility after numerous deficiencies cited by AHCA had not been fixed. In the complaint, AHCA pointed out that one resident suffering from dementia had had consistently high blood glucose readings, yet had not been administered insulin as prescribed. In June 2010, the resident’s blood sugar fell to 145 and he was transferred out of the facility with a possible stoke later that day. Another resident had not received appropriate insulin treatment twenty-two (22) times through June and July 2010, and a third resident suffering from dementia had been observed eating with dirty fingernails and hands despite the staff being informed that his fingernails needed to be trimmed and hands cleaned. Under the settlement agreement, the facility was required to pay AHCA $750.

Lawsuits Against Avante at St. Cloud

Since 2003, three lawsuits alleging nursing home negligence have been filed against Avante at St. Cloud, Inc.

Survey Citations Against Avante at St. Cloud

Complaints against Avante St. Cloud

In addition, AHCA regularly conducts surveys of nursing home facilities in the State to ensure that these facilities are following state regulations. The following are the three most recent surveys in which deficiencies were found in the facility:

Survey Deficiencies at Avante St. Cloud dated 8/21/20

In this 2020 survey, Avante St. Cloud was found to have violated rules and regulations, including but not limited to:

  • the facility failed to honor a resident’s advance directives, and did not follow physician’s order to provide basic life support and initiate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to a resident.

Avante at St. Cloud Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 6/4/2019

A survey found that there were two mouse trap houses located on either side of two fire exit doors. One of the doors led out to a patio and the surveyor found there was a 1/3-inch gap between the door and the threshold, which most likely allowed mice and other pests to enter into the building. The door was made of metal and wood and made a crunching noise when pressed and the administrator admitted that the wood had most likely rotten out and could use repair. Another two exit doors also showed gaps between the bottoms of the doors and their respective thresholds, possibly allowing pests and rodents to enter into the facility. A review of work orders for the facility showed that, in the past three months, problems with any exit doors had not been identified.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 2/27/2019 at Avante at St. Cloud

A resident was found to have been admitted to Avante at St. Cloud for three days as she could not be transferred back to an assisted living facility due to a pressure ulcer. The resident had used up her Medicare days and therefore, her stay was paid for by her family. The resident’s family paid a total of $1,500 for a six-day stay, but as she was transferred back to the assisted living facility after only three days, they had requested a refund of the remaining $780. After thirty days, no refund had been provided, and the Business Manager could not explain why the corporate head office had not yet cut the refund check.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/9/2018 at Avante of St. Cloud

All of the three showers in two wings of the facility were found to have broken or loose wooden door jams that had not been fixed in a timely manner. A check was made to ensure that all staff were aware of procedures to report maintenance-related issues and the majority of staff allegedly had been, but a sign-in sheet regarding the relevant in-servicing was found to be missing.

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