Citations at Grand Villa of St. Petersburg

Grand Villa Assisted Living Facility Neglect

Multiple Deficiencies and Complaints against Grand Villa Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, Florida

A for-profit, 192-bed assisted living facility owned by GC St. Pete LLC since July 2014, Grand Villa of St. Petersburg is located at 3600 34th St. S., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711 and offers “personalized care and support.” The facility’s website paints a picture of Grand Villa of St. Petersburg as a place where residents can “enjoy a variety of activities while staff take care of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.”

A review of the recent deficiency citation reports issued against Grand Villa of St. Petersburg by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, however, shows an assisted living facility that has been unable to timely respond appropriately to emergency situations and did not conduct an immediate investigation into multiple allegations of theft. In fairness, many Florida facilities are cited for violations, and Grand Villa of St. Pete has had recent inspections without citations.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 9/10/2018 at Grand Villa Assisted Living Facility in St. Pete

The facility’s policy regarding Do Not Resuscitate Orders (“DNR”) was to first call 911, determine the resident’s responsiveness, request another staff member to look in the binder regarding whether there was a DNR order or not, while the first staff member started attempts to resuscitate.

However, upon interview, several staff members stated that some of the residents had DNR orders in a binder located on the first-floor nurse’s station, but others had this information posted on their doors. Another staff member stated that the binder with residents’ DNR information should be located on the second floor, in the memory unit’s nurse’s station. She could not explain why some residents had this information posted on the insides of the doors.

This deficiency could have literally resulted in a tragic accident if DNR orders were followed for a resident that did not have that designation.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 6/19/2017 at Grand Villa St. Petersburg

In this survey conducted pursuant to a complaint received by AHCA, the surveyor found that one resident had several unsecured oxygen cannisters on the floor or standing on the counter top. The resident told the surveyor that these cannisters had been in the resident’s possession in an unsecured fashion for more than a week.  The cannisters pose a serious threat to a resident suffering a fall.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/31/2016 at Grand Villa in St. Pete

According to the survey and interviews with a sample of 3 residents, multiple, reoccurring thefts were reported to the facility by residents during 2016. The facility’s policy was to record any grievances on Grievance Form RES-57, then ensure that an investigation be conducted into the allegations. After the investigation is concluded, a grievance resolution was to be communicated to the person who made the original complaint.

The survey showed that the facility did not follow its own procedures; all three residents sampled reported that they had had sums of money or personal property stolen from them. These grievances were not recorded on the RES-57 forms, and no investigations were conducted. Instead, the complaining residents were told to report such thefts directly to the police. One resident had had two pairs of expensive jeans stolen from her, but did not report the matter because she did not believe the facility would do anything. Another resident stated that she felt blamed by the facility for the thefts and that the facility did not appear to take her allegations seriously.

Finally, it was noted that the facility did not note when other foods were substituted for the menu planned for that day. In addition, the facility did not have 3-days’ worth of emergency food supplies on hand for the 115 residents currently staying at Grand Villa of St. Petersburg.  This is especially dangerous for a Florida facility during hurricane season.

Serious Citations at Grand Villa of Saint Petersburg

According to state survey reports, the facility has failed to follow its own procedures and ignored multiple reports of thefts of money and personal property, staff were confused as to where DNR records are kept, and did not ensure that all residents were living in safe environment as evidenced by the oxygen cannisters found unsecured in a resident’s room.

These issues at the facility may present risk of residents experiencing assisted living facility neglect or abuse as a result.

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