Health Central Park Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits

Orlando Health Central Park Accused of Negligence

Since April 2012, Orlando Health Central, Inc. has been operating Health Central Park, a for-profit, 218-bed nursing home located at 411 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden, FL, 34787-2816. The facility offers a variety of special programs and services, such as weightlifting, pet therapy, and hospice care.

However, Health Central Park has been fined a total of $5,500.00 since Orlando Health Central, Inc. took over ownership in 2012. Moreover, several lawsuits alleging negligence have been filed against Orlando Health Central, Inc.

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Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits Against Health Central Park in Orange County, FL

Tangela Whaley, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Mary Dowdell v. Orlando Health Central, Inc. d/b/a Health Central Park

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Mary Dowdell was a resident of Health Park Central, where the staff and employees failed to develop an adequate care plan to protect Ms. Dowdell from falls. As a result, Ms. Dowdell suffered a serious fall that resulted in a fractured hip and ultimately, death.

The Estate of Albert Eli Summers, by and through Patricia A. Summers, as Personal Representative v. Orlando Health Central, Inc.; Ronald E. Milliner, Administrator

Allegations: Albert Eli Summers was a resident at Health Park Central from November 3, 2017 until his death in November 25, 2017. The Complaint alleges that the facility failed to recognize signs of Mr. Summer’s deteriorating health and as a result, he suffered from respiratory failure and septic shock, and died shortly thereafter.

The Estate of Marion Alston, by and through Kathy Alston, as Personal Representative v. Orlando Health Central, Inc. d/b/a Health Central Park

Allegations: The Complaint states that the staff did not provide appropriate care in response to pressure sores that Marion Alston developed while he was a resident at Health Central Park. The delay in providing adequate care, the Complaint alleges, resulted in his wrongful death.

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As stated above, Health Central Park has also been fined for several deficiencies by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). A summary of the three most recent surveys conducted by AHCA in which deficiencies were found is provided below:

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 1/16/2019 at Health Central Park

A resident was found to have been transferred out of the facility and into an acute care hospital. Per regulations, the Ombudsman should have been notified of the resident’s transfer. Although the Director of Medical Records stated that a verification of a faxed notification should exist for that particular resident, none could be found. Moreover, the Ombudsman’s office verified that they never received notifications from the facility for that particular month.

In addition, nurses were observed to be administering the wrong medication in some instances. For example, a resident was given a stool softener with two active ingredients, rather than the stool softener with one active ingredient as prescribed. Another resident was given one drop of eye medication per eye, instead of the two drops as written in her medical records.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 6/6/2018 at Orlando’s Health Central Park

The surveyor found that a resident had been admitted with an altered mental status. Her assessment indicated that she had not exhibited wandering behavior in the last seven days. However, within seven days of that assessment, the resident had packed all of her belongings and asked a nurse to take her to the bank, then home. She was subsequently transferred to a locked unit to prevent her from wandering from the facility. The Director of Nursing confirmed that the resident’s assessment was not accurate.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/28/2017 at Health Central Park

In this standard survey, the surveyor found that one resident who had been found wandering outside the facility by staff leaving for the day, had not been subsequently listed as an elopement risk. The survey also found that residents or their representatives should be provided with influenza vaccinations prior to the vaccinations being offered.

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