Heather Pressdee, Pennsylvania Nurse, Charged with Overdosing 19 Nursing Home Residents with Insulin

Mugshot of Heather Pressdee, PA nurse that is accused of overdosing nursing home residents with insulin

Western Pennsylvania Nursing Home Nurse is Alleged to Have Intentionally Killed Numerous Vulnerable Victims in Long Term Care Facilities

The Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry has announced a shocking number of criminal charges against a Pittsburgh area nursing home nurse named Heather Pressdee. Pressdee previously faced charges of homicide and attempted murder related to patients under her care. Her alleged misconduct involves the administration of lethal insulin doses to numerous patients in nursing homes, with the incidents dating back to 2020.

The true number of victims that Pressdee intentionally overdosed is unknown. However, she has been charged with 19 different counts of deliberately administering excessive doses of insulin. Many of these overdose incidents resulted in the patient dying.

Concerns Your Loved One Died Under Nurse Pressdee’s Care?

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  • Concordia at Rebecca Residence;
  • Belair Healthcare and Rehabilitation (Guardian);
  • Quality Life Services Chicora;
  • Premier Armstrong Rehabilitation and Nursing Center; and
  • Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

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More On the Unbelievable Allegations of Intentional Overdosing of Pennsylvania Nursing Home Patients

Heather Pressdee, aged 41, had previously been charged in May in connection with her mistreatment of three patients. Unfortunately, in investigating the three potential overdose deaths, state investigators have uncovered many more suspicious deaths that occurred under Nurse Pressdee. In the latest development, the Office of the Attorney General has brought forth charges concerning the mistreatment of nineteen (19) additional patients at five distinct care facilities spanning from 2020 to the current year.

Investigators are not certain that this encompasses the totality of the victims. This is why, if your family member resided at Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Concordia at Rebecca Residence, Premier Armstrong Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Belair Healthcare and Rehabilitation or Quality Life Services Chicora, and died under unexpected or mysterious circumstances, you should contact Senior Justice Law Firm immediately at 412-948-7300

Allegations Against Heather Pressdee

Pressdee stands accused of administering excessive insulin to these patients, some of whom were diabetic and required insulin, while others were not. In total, seventeen patients passed away under her care.

Presently, Pressdee faces two charges of first-degree murder, 17 counts of attempted murder, and 19 counts of neglecting care-dependent individuals. An arraignment took place on Thursday, presided over by the Honorable Maura Palumbi, the judge who had overseen the charges filed in May. Pressdee opted to waive her preliminary hearing and is currently detained at Butler County Prison without the option of bail.

Attorney General Henry expressed her dismay at the allegations, stating, “The accusations against Ms. Pressdee are deeply troubling. It is difficult to fathom how a nurse, entrusted with the care of her patients, could choose to intentionally and systematically harm them. The harm inflicted on the victims and their families cannot be overstated. Every individual within a medical or care facility should feel safe and well-cared for, and my office will vigorously pursue justice to hold the defendant accountable for her actions and safeguard care-dependent Pennsylvanians from future harm.”

How Will I Know if my Loved One Died Due to Nurse Pressdee’s Drug Overdose?

Investigation has revealed that Heather Pressdee typically administered insulin during overnight shifts when staffing levels were low. This allowed her overdosing to go undetected.

Signs of insulin overdose or insulin toxicity include:

  • Dizziness
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Personality changes, including irritability, nervousness, or a depressed mood
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A rapid heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • Sudden death

It’s essential to note that all charges are accusations, and Heather Pressdee is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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