Hollywood Hills License Revoked – Judge Orders

Hollywood Hills license is revoked because they were negligent. Senior Justice Law Firm sues negligent long-term care facilities.

In recent news, a Florida judge has affirmed an administrative ruling which revoked Hollywood Hills license due to death related to Hurricane Irma.  The State of Florida had previously revoked Hollywood Hills license due to numerous infractions, including improper planning for hurricanes.

Why Was Hollywood Hills License Suspended?

In September of 2017, Hurricane Irma wrecked havoc on South Florida.  The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills was a nursing home located at 1200 N 35TH AVE in Hollywood, FL, 33021.  The facility was put on a moratorium on September 13, 2017 and was fully suspended on September 20, 2017.  The main reason the Hollywood Hills license was suspended was because the facility:

“failed to maintain safe conditions in its facility; failed to timely evacuate its facility once conditions were no longer safe for residents; and failed to timely contact “911” during a medical emergency…[which resulted in] the deaths of at least eight (8) residents of the facility.”

For a more in depth understanding of the failures on behalf of Hollywood Hills, click here.

Who Suspended Hollywood Hills License and Is This Final?

Hollywood Hills license was originally suspended by the State of Florida.  After the State moved to revoke the license, Hollywood Hills was allowed to challenge the ruling.  In a 94-page ruling, Judge Mary Li Creasy, outlined the details leading to the horrific care provided at Hollywood Hills, and recommended that the state revoke the license of Hollwood Hills.  In particular, the Judge wrote:

“Hollywood Hills’ actions violated the rights of numerous vulnerable and medically fragile residents, particularly those who resided on the second floor of its facility, by failing to provide a safe environment,” Creasy wrote. “The evidence clearly and convincingly demonstrates Hollywood Hills failed to properly monitor and hydrate its residents as temperatures continued to rise in the building, thus failing to provide appropriate health care and protective services. Hollywood Hills also failed to evacuate the premises when it became clearly uncomfortable and dangerous to the well-being of the patients.”

This ruling is not final, but is a “recommended order”.  Now, this case must go to the state Agency for Health Care Administration for final action.

What Are the Current Florida Emergency Hurricane Response Rules?

In response to the multiple deaths caused by poor planning, the State of Florida has now instituted rules on minimum temperature levels in long-term care facilities.  Under the new laws passed in 2018, all nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida must be able to maintain temperatures below 81 degrees for at least 96 hours after a power outage.

In order to comply with these rules, long-term care facilities in Florida must be able to spend a significant amount of capital on generators and other backup systems.  Sadly, many facilities in Florida have a “profits-over-people” mentality, and don’t want to spend the money investing in these necessary systems.  Inevitably, there will be another hurricane that devastates Florida exposing many vulnerable seniors to dangerous heat levels.

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