Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center Lawsuits for Poor Care

Verdicts and settlements against Hunters Creek Orlando for nursing home abuse

Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Orlando Lawsuits and Citations for Negligence

Since opening its doors in 2003 under the ownership of Sovereign Healthcare of Orlando, LLC, Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center has had on again off again legal issues. The for-profit, 116-bed skilled nursing facility located at 14155 Town Loop Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837 has been fined a total of $16,000. Additionally, Hunters Creek Orlando has been sued in several nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuits. Hunters Creek has also been cited numerous times by the Agency for Health Care Administration due to regulation violations.

Our Orlando nursing home abuse attorneys summarize Hunters Creek’s legal troubles.

Negligence and Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against Hunters Creek Nursing & Rehab in Orlando

Research lawyers who sue nursing homes and read prior lawsuitsIvonnette Aponte, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Aurea Figueroa v. Sovereign Healthcare of Orlando, LLC d/b/a Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Aurea Figueroa was a resident at Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center when she suffered falls and unexplained injuries that ultimately resulted in her death. The Complaint states that the facility failed to properly supervise Ms. Figueroa or provide adequate care, which led to her wrongful death.

Yuderkis Gonzalez, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Lucilo Gonzalez v. Sovereign Healthcare of Orland, LLC d/b/a Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center and Southern Healthcare Management, LLC

Allegations: The Complaint alleges that Lucilo Gonzalez was admitted as a  resident to the facility for short-term rehabilitation following a fall at home that resulted in several fractures. Shortly after he was admitted, Mr. Gonzalez started to suffer from high blood sugar, but no doctors were notified. Mr. Gonzalez was allegedly found to be unresponsive with extremely low blood sugar a few weeks later, was admitted to a hospital and died the following month. The Complaint alleges that the facility failed to property monitor Mr. Gonzalez, thereby causing his premature death.

Carmen L. Noble and Carlos L. Noble v. Sovereign Healthcare of Orland, LLC d/b/a Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center and Southern Healthcare Management, LLC

Allegations: Carmen L. Noble was admitted to Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center following lumbar spine surgery and the staff was provided specific instructions to turn her twice per shift as tolerated, and to keep her off of her back. However, according to the Complaint, Ms. Noble’s surgical site soon became infected and required admittance to a hospital for care. In addition, Ms. Noble began to suffer bowel incontinence following her surgery, which was never reported to any doctor. The Complaint suggests that the E. Coli bacterial infections in her surgical site and a newly developed pressure sore were due to fecal matter that was not timely cleaned up by the staff at the facility.

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Prior State Investigation and Survey Results at Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Orlando

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and ViolationsIn addition to the above lawsuits, the Agency for Health Care Administration has also found the following deficiencies at Hunter Creek Nursing and Rehab Center:

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 2/27/2020

During this survey, AHCA found 33 pages worth of deficiencies at Hunters Creek. Some alleged violations at the skilled nursing facility included:

  • failing to assist a resident who was unable to perform activities of daily living (ADL’s)
  • failing to timely respond to resident call bells
  • failing to clean and change an incontinent resident who was wet with urine
  • failing to follow wound healing and wound treatment orders regarding pressure ulcers
  • failing to appropriately monitor an oxygen-dependent patient’s respiratory and oxygen needs
  • failing to accurately chart patient care and treatment in the electronic resident chart

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/8/2018

During this survey, CMS found several deficiencies, most which concerned residents’ care. For example, several residents had complained that the fire door in the hallway would bang loudly every time someone went through it. Although staff had been notified, it had not been fixed for two to three months. The noise was so loud that one of the residents would wake several times during the night.

Another resident, who appeared non-verbal, was found lying in her bed with no reading materials, and the TV and radio were both off. Upon inquiry, the Activities Director stated that the resident’s son had not returned calls regarding what types of activities the resident might enjoy, and therefore she had completed the activities form with information obtained from the nursing staff. Thus, the activity form was not accurate.

Yet another resident was found to have long, dirty fingernails and facial hair that family members had requested be cut and shaved. However, no one had done so in approximately two weeks since the resident’s admission. The facility’s policy stated that nails should be cut when each resident is bathed, and the resident had been bathed four times since she had been admitted.

In a final instance, a resident was found to be in extreme pain as she had not received her pain medication that morning. The nurse was attempting to obtain permission to take the medication needed out of the emergency kid because the resident was out of pain medication when the nurse had arrived. The resident received her medication approximately three hours after it was due to be administered to her.

Fire/Life/Safety Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/5/2018

An unannounced re-licensure survey found that the facility was not in compliance with state regulations that require that an emergency preparedness communication plan. The facility must have a plan to report its occupancy, needs, and ability to provide assistance to the authorities having jurisdiction. Hunters Creeks Nursing and Rehab Center failed to have such a communication plan.

Fire/Life/Safety Statement of Deficiencies dated 3/8/2018

AHCA found that the facility did not have an emergency management plan that had been approved by the relevant authorities.

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