Inglis House Philadelphia Site of Preventable Attack, Says Lawsuit

Inglis House Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Residents Allege Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Inside the Inglis House

Philadelphia nursing home residents living in the Inglis House are accusing the facility of failing to protect them during a violent attack. The assault involved a non-disabled resident of Inglis House who violently attacked an elderly resident named Wade Booth. As a result of the attack, Wade Booth and Colleen Gardner have filed a civil negligence lawsuit against Inglis House alleging nursing home abuse and neglect.

Residents allege that there were a number of indicators that the male resident was on the brink of a violent meltdown. Unfortunately, management ignored these warning signs. The result was a violent resident on resident attack.

Shon Phillips attacked Wade Booth as Mr. Booth walked into the Inglis House located at 2600 Belmont Avenue. The physical assault was so fierce that the knife sharpner actually broke inside Mr. Booth, a disabled adult male.

“I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to kill me.” Wade Booth

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Residents Were Aware of Mr. Phillips’ Violent Tendencies but the Philadelphia Nursing Home Did Not Prevent the Attack

Nursing home patient fightsApparently, Shon Phillips would routinely sit in the nursing home hallway drinking Jack Daniels whiskey straight out of the bottle. He would become verbally aggressive and threaten other residents. Still, nursing home management failed to act. Inglis House resident Will Quinones says he was personally threatened by Shon Phillips but “I was just scared for my life” so he kept a low profile.

Prior Police Calls to the Inglis House Regarding Violent Resident Shon Phillips

Before this attack, Quinones called 911 numerous times regarding the threats of Mr. Phillips. If this true, the facility should have been involved. This should have triggered an internal investigation about the appropriateness of Mr. Phillips as a resident, given his violent behavior. Nonetheless, Mr. Phillips was not removed from the facility and was allowed to continue residing at Inglis House.

Why Was This Able Bodied 26 Year Old Man Living in a Philadelphia Nursing Home?

Mr. Phillips resided in Inglis House with his disabled mother who was confined to a wheelchair. At 26 years of age with no disability, he was a formidable opponent to the disabled and elderly residents of the Inglis House. It is unclear why this aggressive young adult male was permitted to reside in the long-term care facility. His continued residency is a component of the allegations against Inglis House in the nursing home negligence lawsuit.

The Aftermath

Mr. Phillips pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and served 22 months in incarceration. Mr. Booth has had to deal with physical injuries, PTSD, headaches, anxiety and panic attacks. Mr. Booth has filed a civil lawsuit alleging nursing home neglect in Philadelphia County.

Lawsuit Against Inglis House Alleging Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Philadelphia

Mr. Booth, by and through his sister, Colleen Gardner, has filed a nursing home negligence complaint in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The Complaint alleges that on 10-26-2016, Shon Phillips stabbed and kicked Wade Booth repeatedly as Mr. Booth walked into the lobby of Inglis House. The Complaint further alleges that Mr. Phillips was staying in his disabled mother’s room, even though he is not disabled.

Further allegations include:

  • employees of Inglis House failed to act despite knowing that Mr. Phillips was living in the facility and had prior assaults on residents.
  • Mr. Booth sustained injuries and trauma as a result of the attack.
  • Mr. Booth was taken to the hospital for stab injuries and head trauma after the assault in Inglis House.

Because the Complaint was filed pro se without an attorney, the lawsuit contained technical legal deficiencies. As a result, the federal court complaint was dismissed.

At this time it is unclear whether Colleen Gardner and Wade Booth have retained counsel to pursue their lawsuit against Inglis House.

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