Issues at Brighton Gardens of Edison by Sunrise Senior Living

Brighton Gardens of Edison Nursing Home Complaints

Background info on Brighton Gardens

Nowadays, many families are electing to entrust their loved ones to nursing homes that are smaller and maintain a lower number of total beds in an effort to secure more personalized and familial care. Brighton Gardens of Edison in New Jersey is one such facility that has seen increased interest. Located at 1801 Oaktree Road in Edison, NJ 08820, Brighton Gardens is one of many nursing homes operated by Sunrise Senior Living, a large nursing home care provider. With just 30 certified beds, the facility accepts both Medicaid and Medicare as a form of payment. It facilitates a resident council, and it can be reached at (732) 767-1031. Because Brighton Gardens of Edison is one of the many independent locations managed by a large operator, it does business as Welltower Opco Group LLC as a for-profit corporation. It rates as an average three out of five stars based upon the generalized criteria from Medicare, but certain categories such as its health inspections drag its score down with only 2 out of 5 stars.

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How Edison’s Brighton Gardens Has Fared

In general, staffing levels at Brighton Gardens of Edison operates at an above average level, likely due to the low number of beds in relation to workers. However, long-stay residents were almost 10% more likely than at other New Jersey facilities to receive antipsychotic medication, at 19.5% of all residents. As many as 20% of high risk patients present with pressure ulcers compared to the national average of 8.3%, and just over 8% of residents who stayed for a long time at the facility (typically categorized as greater than 90 days) were considered to have lost “too much” weight. However, 100% of residents receive their vaccinations for both the seasonal flu and pneumonia, outranking both national and state averages.

History of Health Inspection Deficits and Complaints

It is vital that nursing homes are inspected regularly and unannounced, so that inspectors can gain an unbiased look into how the facility operates. Unfortunately, Brighton Gardens’ most recent health inspection did not shine, with 10 citations in total. One citation noted that the staff failed to maintain resident privacy during treatment, leaving doors open with the resident’s wounds in plain view of the hallway.

Additionally, the facility was cited for failure to adhere to professional standards of quality after staff left a resident in the middle of a nebulizer treatment and did not continue to watch over the patient for the duration of treatment even though the patient was noted to have dementia and should not be left alone with the nebulizer.

After further investigation, the health inspection also noted that one resident’s bed wheels were not locked in place, allowing the bed to slide and move. This presented a hazardous situation and was doubly worrisome since the resident had a consistent history of falling. The facility was cited for failure to adequately address hazards and implement a fall prevention plan for the resident to keep them safe from preventable danger.

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