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About HarborChase of Naples

HarborChase of Naples is a licensed nursing home located at 7801 Airport Pulling Road, Naples, FL 34285 in Collier County. This nursing home is a for-profit facility and has 40 licensed beds. The licensee and owner of this nursing home is Prime Care One, LLC. The current license held by this nursing home is still effective until December 31, 2019.

In a review given by, the facility has an overall rating of 1 out of 5 stars or a much below average rating. The nursing home is also reported to have a high number of days with little  registered nurse staffing.

Nursing Home Negligence Cases Against HarborChase Naples

Current Lawsuits Against HarborChase of Naples

This facility has been sued three times since 2009 and the most recent of these complaints was last 2013 for an alleged nursing home negligence.

Case 1 – James McCormack vs. HarborChase of Naples, LLC; Prime Care One, LLC; Harbor Retirement Associates

Diane McCormack filed a suit against HarborChase of Naples on behalf of James McCormack. The allegations primarily involve negligence on the part of HarborChase in providing sufficient care for Mr. James McCormack. Because of this alleged negligence, Mr. McCormack suffered several physical injuries which include a fall that resulted in a non-displaced cortical fracture of his right femur. Unfortunately, all these physical injuries allegedly resulted in the death of Mr. McCormack last February 4, 2012.

Case 2 – Lynne Batson vs. Harbor Chase of Naples, LLC; Prime Care One, LLC; Harbor Retirement Associates

Lynne Batson filed a suit against the facility on behalf of the estate of Mary E. Fisher. The allegations mainly include failure of HarborChase to provide a safe and a decent environment which is free from abuse and neglect for Ms. Fisher. Some specific examples of negligence and/or violations alleged include the failure of the facility to assess Ms. Fisher for placement in ALF prior to her admission in the facility and failure of the staff in providing basic care for Ms. Fisher which led to falls and trauma causing severe fracture of Ms. Fisher’s ankle. The staff also failed to prevent pressure sores on the left heel of Ms. Fisher which rapidly developed to stage 4 wound with an exposed tendon. Unfortunately, this severe wound allegedly caused the death of Ms. Fisher.

Case 3 – Donna Ward vs. Harbor Chase of Naples, Harbor Naples Management, LLC; Prime Care One, LLC; Harbor Retirement Associates

Donna Ward filed a suit against HarborChase on behalf of Ms. Loren Dederick. The allegations against the facility include failure of the facility to provide an environment that is free from neglect and failure to provide an adequate and appropriate health care that is consistent to recognized standards. When Mr. Dederick was first transported to HarborChase, it was realized that he was not a resident at the said facility. Instead of properly attending to Mr. Dederick, the staff of the facility allegedly took Mr. Dederick to a room and was left alone. Later that evening a Harbor Chase of Naples staffmember remembered that Mr. Dederick was left alone in a room. By the time that he was checked, he already went missing as a result of being taken into a room that was not locked. Due to this, Mr. Dederick allegedly went missing for five days. Mr. Dederick allegedly suffered from several severe physical and mental injuries due to this negligence.

Recent Health Inspection Citations Against HarborChase of Naples

There were several non-compliance issues cited for HarborChase of Naples over the past years. Most of these citations are related to general safety of the facility. The latest survey was conducted last February 15, 2018.

February 15, 2018 Inspection Report

An unannounced recertification survey was conducted last February 15, 2018 at HarborChase. It was found out that the facility is not compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 42, Part 483. The major non-compliance of the facility include incorrect storage practices of drugs and biologicals within the facility which may pose a potential danger in the medication of patients.

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