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Who is HarborChase?

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, HarborChase is a large senior living corporation with facilities in Florida, Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and as of 2022, Maine. With more than 35 facilities nationwide, HarborChase has a growing footprint in the Assisted Living and Memory Care fields.

Who Runs HarborChase Assisted Living and Memory Care?

All HarborChase facilities are operated and controlled by Harbor Retirement Associates LLC of Vero Beach, Florida. Founded in 2002, the company has a portfolio in excess of $1 billion with annual revenues of $150 million. Harbor Retirement Associates is a for-profit company that has constructed new memory care facilities, and has taken over existing assisted living facilities.

Recognizing Abuse, Neglect and Negligence Inside a HarborChase A.L.F.

No one expects to receive the call that their loved one has fallen and is being rushed to the emergency room. We trust that the facilities we leave our parents and loved ones in will keep them safe from harm.

However, when preventable injuries occur inside an assisted living facility, memory care unit or nursing home, the cause must be examined. Rarely if ever have we seen a facility come forward and hone up to their mistake. Traditionally, when elder abuse and neglect occurs, the cause is concealed or covered up.

Be on the lookout for the following injuries which suggest potential for negligence on the part of the facility:

Nursing Home Abuse Red Flag Injuries

Any of the above injuries warrant further investigation. Our assisted living abuse attorneys are here to help you get answers as to what happened.

Suing HarborChase in an Assisted Living Facility Negligence Lawsuit

Successful Lawsuits Against HarborChase for Neglect of Elderly ResidentsThe legal process can seem daunting, however, with the right facts and experienced attorneys, the truth can come out. Our law firm’s focus is on nursing home and assisted living facility negligence cases. We regularly handle cases against HarborChase. Let our experience work for you and your family. Call us today to see why we are different from other law firms.

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Average HarborChase Settlements and Verdicts

Many potential clients call asking, ‘what is my case against HarborChase worth in terms of settlement value?’ This is an impossible question to answer without knowing the case facts. There is no range of settlement values that HarborChase, or any other company, will pay. Each case value depends entirely on the individual case facts.

We routinely settle assisted living negligence cases for in excess of $100,000. This does not guarantee this result, however, we rarely accept a case if we believe it only has a five figure settlement value. To receive a free case evaluation on your potential HarborChase case value, call us now.

Lawsuits and Cases Against HarborChase

Generally speaking, HarborChase facilities enjoy above average ratings and positive reviews. However, no facility is immune from negligence, mistakes and errors. When preventable injuries occur inside a long-term care facility, oftentimes, the only way to seek justice is through a civil claim for damages.

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against HarborChase of Sterling Heights

Sexual abuse of the elderly is an appalling thought. As much as we’d like to not think about it, tragically, it does occur. In this lawsuit against HarborChase of Sterling Heights, it was alleged that HarborChase employee Mazen Zuhairi sexually assaulted a vulnerable demented resident in the facility. State investigators followed up on the incident and the civil case resolved for a confidential amount.

Broward County, FL HarborChase Lawsuits

Lawsuits Filed Against HarborChase of Tamarac

Estate of Collins vs. HarborChase of Tamarac

Cecilia Collins was admitted into HarborChase of Tamarac on April 23, 2012. The Complaint alleges HarborChase of Tamarac failed to maintain a safe environment for the resident (Cecilia Collins), and as a result, she suffered falls. One of Ms. Collins falls at HarborChase resulted in blunt force trauma to her head and a head laceration.  The falls allegedly resulted in both lethal and non-lethal damages. This HarborChase lawsuit settled less than a year after being filed in court.

Tina Maguire vs. HarborChase of Tamarac

This HarborChase lawsuit alleges gross negligence, which is the legal standard required for punitive damages. Shortly after the filing of the Amended Complaint, the case settled.

Cases Against HarborChase of Coral Springs

Etta Williams vs. HarborChase of Coral Springs

The lawsuit against HarborChase of Coral Springs alleges inappropriate training for staff which resulted in serious and permanent fall-related injuries. Allegedly, HarborChase staff failed to provide help to Ms. Williams with her walking and toileting which resulted in injuries on August 18, 2016. This HarborChase lawsuit was compelled to arbitration.

Marquez vs. HarborChase of Coral Springs

Ms. Pellegrini was admitted into HarborChase of Coral Springs for assistance with activities of daily living. The Complaint alleges HarborChase of Coral Springs failed to maintain a safe environment for Ms. Pellegrini. The lawsuit also alleges HarborChase failed to develop an adequate care plan. Ms. Pelligrini fell multiple times at HarborChase and required hospitalization and surgical intervention. This HarborChase lawsuit was compelled to arbitration.

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Palm Beach County HarborChase Litigation

HarborChase of Palm Beach Gardens Cases

No lawsuits filed.

HarborChase of Wellington Crossing Lawsuits

No lawsuits filed.

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Southwest Florida HarborChase Lawsuits

HarborChase of Naples Lawsuits

Estate of McCormack vs. HarborChase of Naples

James McCormack was a resident of HarborChase of Naples until 11/24/2010. The Complaint alleges that HarborChase of Naples failed to keep James safe and allowed him to suffer repeated falls. It is also alleged that HarborChase kept residents based on their payer sources for higher billing purposes, without regard to whether the staff can meet the residents’ needs. Finally, it was alleged that the HarborChase assisted living facility was understaffed.

Negligence Lawsuits Against HarborChase of North Collier

Martino vs. HarborChase of North Collier

This HarborChase memory care negligence lawsuit was filed in 2011, alleging the development of pressure ulcers. The lawsuit alleges that HarborChase inappropriately kept Ms. Martino as a resident, even though her acuity level was too high. As a result, on or around 6/12/2009, it is alleged that Ms. Martino was transferred from HarborChase to North Collier Hospital suffering from a stage 3-4 pressure sore on her left hip, as well as a MRSA infection and 103 degree fever.

HarborChase of North Collier vs. Jackson and Campbell

HarborChase of North Collier sued its former resident, Ms. Jackson, seeking $34,540.30, plus legal fees and costs.

Suits Against HarborChase of Sarasota

Estate of Mannato vs. HarborChase of Sarasota

90 day extension filed on the above potential nursing home negligence claim.

Lawsuits Filed vs. HarborChase of Venice

Mallory Scott, by and through Laurie Goodman vs. HarborChase of Venice

In this claim, Ms. Scott sued HarborChase of Venice for negligence and personal injury, including but not limited to a significant pressure sore on her buttocks. The claim also names Manor Care in the lawsuit.

Estate of Warren Sidney Peterson vs. HarborChase of Venice

The Estate of Peterson brought this lawsuit against HarborChase of Venice alleging inadequate staff numbers, preventable injury and wrongful death.

Theodore Gutch vs. HarborChase of Venice

In this lawsuit against HarborChase, Mr. Gutch alleges that his care was inadequate, he lost weight in the nursing home and he had skin breakdown in the form of bed sores.

Estate of William Muth vs. HarborChase of Venice

The Estate of the deceased sued HarborChase for nursing home negligence. The complaint alleges that the facility failed to prevent falls, failed to monitor changes in condition, failed to provide Mr. Muth appropriate hygiene, and failed to recognize signs and symptoms of infection in Mr. Muth.

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Central Florida HarborChase Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against HarborChase of Dr. Phillips

No lawsuits filed.

Injury Cases vs. HarborChase of Palm Harbor

Michael Wilson vs. HarborChase of Palm Harbor

This lawsuit involves Michael Wilson, a long term resident at HarborChase of Palm Harbor. The complaint alleges that Mr. Wilson would call for help using a call bell and be forced to wait 30 to 40 minutes for staff to arrive in his room. The assistance was needed because Mr. Wilson was catheterized. Mr. Wilson also alleges that he suffered a fall from bed, hip fracture, and developed a large sacral pressure ulcer while at HarborChase.

Settlements and Verdicts vs. HarborChase of Regency Park

No lawsuits filed.

Lawsuits Filed vs. HarborChase of Vero Beach

No lawsuits filed.

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North Florida HarborChase Assisted Living Lawsuits and Claims

HarborChase of Gainesville Litigation

HarborChase of Gainesville v. Moore

This was a contract indebtedness action where HarborChase of Gainesville sued its resident for room and board payments.

Lawsuits Filed vs. HarborChase of Jacksonville

No lawsuits filed.

HarborChase of Mandarin Cases

No lawsuits filed.

Lawsuits vs. HarborChase of Tallahassee

Canning, by and through Rousseau vs. HarborChase of Tallahassee

In Rousseau vs. HarborChase, allegations were made that the resident, Rousseau, was neglected by the HarborChase Tallahassee staff, resulting in serious injury.

Trotman vs. HarborChase of Tallahassee

This was a discrimination case filed against the Tallahassee HarborChase assisted living facility.

Jackson vs. HarborChase of Tallahassee

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