Many people in the United States entrust their health and safety to nursing home facilities every day. Family members are tasked with finding a facility that will treat their family members with the care and respect they deserve. Regrettably, not all nursing home and assisted living facility staff, particularly in Los Angeles, honor this trust as they should. If you suspect your family member is the victim of neglect or abuse, speak with a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer immediately.

Senior Justice Law Firm is acutely aware of the issues surrounding elder abuse in Los Angeles senior living facilities. Too often, due to factors like mismanagement, greed, and neglect, these institutions often operate without adequate staffing or staff that have been appropriately trained or vetted.

As dedicated abuse and elder neglect attorneys, we at Senior Justice Law Firm routinely seek justice for seniors and adults with disabilities who have suffered physical or financial harm due to the actions of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals.

Understanding Elder Abuse in Los Angeles

Elder abuse is any harm or mental distress inflicted on a senior or dependent adult. Elder abuse is typically categorized into four main categories—physical, emotional, financial, and sexual.

Physical abuse involves physical contact that results in injuries to the person. Emotional abuse can include yelling, threats or intimidation, depriving the person of social interaction, and more. No one wants to think about elder sexual abuse, but it does happen. Any unwanted or non-consensual act can fall under sexual abuse. Finally, financial abuse happens on multiple levels. It can refer to fraudulent billing or the caregiver stealing from the resident or patient.

Here are some examples of elder abuse:

  • Neglecting the resident by not moving them so they do not develop bedsores,
  • Abandoning them and not checking on them for days at a time,
  • Isolating them from other residents or family members as a form of punishment,
  • Stealing from the resident,
  • Physically harming the resident,
  • Using restraints unnecessarily,
  • Failing to help a patient who’s classified as a fall risk,
  • Touching a resident in an unwanted sexual manner,
  • Forging the resident’s signature on financial documents,
  • Accepting kickbacks for drug prescriptions or other doctor referrals,
  • Committing Medicaid fraud, and
  • Depriving the resident of food, medicine, or hygiene.

When caregivers, facilities, or hospital staff violate the rights of their residents or patients, family members must be vigilant about reporting suspected abuse or neglect. A Los Angeles senior abuse lawyer can help you report the abuse and pursue compensation for your loved one.

Possible Causes of Elder Abuse or Neglect

Elder abuse can sometimes result from a lack of necessary financial resources, often leading to understaffing or hiring less qualified personnel. Residents suffer if a nursing home’s management fails to maintain an adequate staff-to-resident ratio. Overworked staff may struggle to provide the necessary care. This neglect can result in severe problems for immobile residents, such as bedsores, falls, muscle atrophy, skin conditions, and infections. Unfortunately, there are also times when abuse and neglect occur because the staff are dissatisfied with their job or don’t have any empathy toward the people they are caring for.

How Can Lawyers for Elder Abuse Assist in Your Case?

Our skilled attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm bring extensive legal knowledge, negotiation skills, and familiarity with elder abuse cases to fight for justice on your behalf. We’ll assist with handling insurance companies, collecting and analyzing evidence, and referring your family member to more trustworthy care facilities and professionals. With us, your fight for justice is not just about the present—it’s about ensuring future security and dignity.

Collecting Evidence and Dealing with Insurance Companies

Elder abuse victims typically undergo considerable stress and may develop additional medical conditions. If you can prove neglect or abuse, the facility could be responsible for paying your family member a significant amount of money. Compensation in elder abuse cases typically comes from the nursing home or assisted living facility’s insurance. However, insurance companies will fight hard to avoid paying out any money or admitting guilt.

Our attorneys are well-equipped to ensure these corporations are held accountable. We can also assist in collecting and analyzing evidence related to your claims. Whether you’ve gathered information or need help interpreting documents, our lawyers are here to help. Our lawyers’ experience with similar cases allows us to recognize patterns and determine the rightful compensation you should receive.

Our elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles are also skilled negotiators. Their abilities are crucial during pretrial negotiations, settlements, trial hearings, and all other stages of your case. Their negotiation skills could substantially increase the monetary compensation your family member receives.

Guidance to Trustworthy Care Facilities and Professionals

If you or someone you love has faced elder abuse, it’s understandable that you may have concerns about moving to a new facility. Our lawyers, however, have a network of reputable professionals and facilities who can provide the care you need during the healing process. These professionals can assess your situation and help determine the full extent of your injuries and abuse, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Maximizing Monetary Compensation with an Elder Abuse Attorney

At Senior Justice Law Firm, we fight to recover the compensation to cover medical costs and other damages related to your loved one’s abuse. Our attorneys will analyze all available evidence, enabling us to assess the total value of your abuse claims.

Also, we aim to alleviate the stress associated with the legal process. Our attorneys know the law’s intricacies, especially regarding elder abuse in medical facilities. We’re prepared to handle all the necessary paperwork and legal appearances. Our goal is to minimize the disruptions so you can focus on your family and work during this challenging time.

Contact Senior Justice Law Firm Today

If you’re online searching for an elder abuse attorney in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, contact Senior Justice Law Firm. Our legal team stands ready to help and hold all responsible parties accountable for their actions. When you schedule an appointment with a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer, we will start by reviewing your case and discussing your legal options.

Taking action right away is crucial. Elder abuse could progress, putting your loved one at risk for more serious medical conditions and even wrongful death. We can assist you in reporting the suspected abuse to all relevant agencies and help your family seek justice. Documenting and reporting the abuse not only helps your family member but can also keep another family from becoming the next victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help.