ManorCare of Dunedin Lawsuits & Deficiencies

Cases against Manor Care Health Services Dunedin, FL

Background Information on ManorCare of Dunedin

ManorCare of Dunedin is a 120-bed nursing home located at 870 Patricia Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698. ManorCare of Dunedin is owned by HCR III Healthcare, which is owned by ProMedica. There have been prior lawsuits against ManorCare of Dunedin as well as inspection citations and deficiencies for violations in resident care. This facility was also fined $9,061 on 05/24/2018 which coincided with a statement of deficiencies.

Deficiencies at ManorCare of Dunedin for Resident Care Violations

  • In a November 10, 2021 inspection, Manor Care Health Services Dunedin was cited for allowing cigarette butts to be found discarded near combustible items in a trash area in the employee smoking section.
  • A January 10, 2020 Inspection at ManorCare of Dunedin revealed the facility failed to maintain an effective infection prevention and control program. The facility also failed to ensure appropriate hand hygiene practice. Proper hand hygiene is imperative in order to prevent infection in wounds such as bed sores.
  • A September 28, 2018 Inspection at ManorCare of Dunedin revealed the facility did not ensure that unsafe equipment and furniture were reported and fixed to accommodate the resident’s right to a safe and clean environment. Furthermore, the inspection revealed that the facility failed to ensure that a complete care plan was implemented that accommodates all resident’s needs. Failure to have the proper furniture or equipment to house residents can lead to falls or broken bones.
  • A June 28, 2018 Inspection at ManorCare of Dunedin revealed that the facility did not implement effective infection control practices regarding sanitation, handwashing, and isolation. During an interview with a staff member, it was revealed that she did not sanitize her hands before assisting a resident. During another interview, it was revealed that a staff member did not wear PPE when entering a resident’s room who had an infectious disease.
  • An August 11, 2017 Inspection at ManorCare of Dunedin revealed that the facility failed to accommodate the needs of each resident. The facility did not ensure that call lights and buttons were placed within the reach of resident’s while in their beds or in wheelchairs. Furthermore, the facility failed to ensure that a resident who had a procedure done was properly assessed and monitored during their return to the facility. This could be classified as negligent treatment by the facility.

Lawsuits Against Manor Care of Dunedin Alleging Nursing Home Residents’ Rights Violations

  • Estate of Colonna vs. Manor Care of Dunedin – three-count complaint against Manor Care Dunedin alleging negligence, wrongful death, and violation of a nursing home patient’s rights.
  • Estate of Williams vs. Manor Care of Dunedin – Lee Williams was admitted into Manor Care Dunedin for assistance with his Alzheimer’s and Dementia. He died, allegedly due to Manor Care of Dunedin’s negligence, within a year of his admission to the skilled nursing facility. The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Manor Care of Dunedin.

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