Mary Black Health System Settles Patient Fall Case for $285,000

Cherokee Medical Center Settlement

Recently, the Mary Black Health System (now known as Cherokee Medical Center) settled a patient fall lawsuit for $285,000, plus attorneys fees and costs. The Cherokee Medical Center hospital fall case involved a 76 year old patient suffering from dementia who fell and broke her ankle.

Our elder abuse attorneys explain the facts surrounding this South Carolina medical malpractice case and subsequent settlement.

Case Facts Involving the Mary Black / Cherokee Medical Center Hospital Fall

Carolyn Parris suffered from dementia and pneumonia when she was admitted into Mary Black’s Gaffney emergency department, which is now known as Cherokee Medical Center. Upon admission to the hospital, Ms. Parris was identified as a fall risk, meaning the hospital was legally obligated to implement fall prevention methods.

The Cherokee Medical Center hospital nurses put in a bed alarm to monitor Ms. Parris if she got up out of bed. During the early morning hours, Ms. Parris got out of bed and her bed alarm beeped. When nurses found Ms. Parris, she was on the floor halfway into her hospital room’s bathroom.

She was clearly injured and had ankle swelling. Subsequent radiology confirmed what the nurses suspected; Ms. Parris had broken her ankle in the hospital fall. She underwent an ORIF surgery and was transferred from Mary Black to a local nursing home for rehabilitation relative to her ankle.

The Lawsuit vs. Mary Black for the Patient Fall

Unfortunately, Ms. Parris did not live to see any justice in her litigation against the Gaffney hospital. Instead, after her death, her estate continued the legal action on her behalf and in her memory.

The Estate of Carolyn Parris alleged that Mary Black Health System was negligent in failing to monitor the patient, failing to provide a safe environment and failing to implement fall preventative precautions. The hospital’s lawyers argued that the event was unavoidable and that Ms. Parris was comparatively negligent and responsible for her own harm.

Settlement Before Trial

Ultimately, before going to a jury, this medical malpractice lawsuit settled for $285,000, plus court costs and lawyer fees.

Source: Trial, January 2021

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