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Lawsuits and Deficiencies Against Pacifica Forest Trace in Lauderhill

Located at 5500 NW 69th Avenue, Lauderhill, Florida 33319, Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace is a 194-bed assisted living facility that has been owned by Pacifica Lauderhill, LLC since August 2014. The facility has experienced changes of ownership over the years, with changes in ownership occurring in June 2009 and August 2007, respectively. The number of deficiency citations issued against the facility by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is limited, and no fines have yet been issued against this facility. The Broward County facility has been sued for negligence in the past.

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Lawsuits Against Pacifica Forest Trace

Pultman vs. Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace

This case involved a fall at the Pacifica facility in Lauderhill. On or about April 16, 2017, it was alleged that Ms. Pultman suffered a fall at Pacifica Forest Trace due to negligence. The case resolved (settled) in 2019.

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Pacifica Forest Trace Inspection Results

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and ViolationsAccording to its website, Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace emphasizes that it performs an assessment of each resident “in which we take the time to cover every topic.” The facility goes on to state that each resident receives a personalized care plan with services provided by friendly, professional staff.

However, AHCA has issued deficiency citations regarding the facility’s failure to keep up-to-date health assessment forms and the facility’s use of unlicensed staff to administer medication without informing residents and receiving their consent. A summary of the three most recent deficiency citations is provided below.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies 10/23/2018 at Pacifica Forest Trace in Lauderhill

During this survey, it was noted that for 1 out of 2 sampled residents, her records were not up-to-date nor did they reflect her current status and health changes. The record for this resident was initially dated, then that date was crossed out and another, more recent date was written in. No initials were included next to the crossed-out date. In addition, where the form asks whether the resident needs help with administration of medication, “No” was initially checked, then crossed out but again, no initials were included with the change.

The records also stated that the resident required some assistance with bathing and dressing. Yet, this was contradicted by the resident’s monthly assessments, which are conducted in-house, which stated that the resident needed total assistance with activities of daily living. Nothing indicated that the resident was enrolled in hospice services, despite the fact that she was.

The facility stated that health assessments can take up to 6 weeks for physicians to complete after they see a resident, and that the forms are faxed to the physicians. The Director of Resident Services also stated that some of the physicians had given the facility permission to make changes on residents’ health assessment forms.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 12/2/2016 at  Pacifica Forest Trace

AHCA found that Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace did not provide a contract rate for a resident nor did it have a signed consent form for that resident regarding the fact that some unlicensed staff members will assist her with her medication.

Change of Ownership Statement of Deficiencies dated 2/24/2015 at Pacifica Forest Trace

In this Change of Ownership survey, two deficiencies were noted. First, the facility did not have an updated health assessment form for a resident; although regulations required that health assessments be completed every three years, this resident had not had a renewed health assessment form completed.

In addition, one staff member had not received in-service training in Nutrition and Safe Food Handling within 30 days of her hire date, as required.


Without updated assessment forms, new staff members will not be able to discern which residents need what kind of care. This can lead to assisted living facility neglect as residents may be left to self-administer medication or bathe themselves when in actuality, they need assistance. Such practices can easily result in injuries, if not death.

If you believe your loved one has experienced assisted living facility neglect or abuse, we encourage you to contact us at the Senior Justice Law Firm. Our Lauderhill nursing home abuse attorneys are here to assist your family through a difficult chapter involving elder abuse or neglect.

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