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Parkview Rehabilitation Center

Complaints at Parkview Rehabilitation Center in Winter Park, Florida

Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park is a nursing home that provides 138 beds and is located at 2075 Loch Lomond Drive, Winter Park, Florida 32792. The facility is owned by Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park, LLC and has been managed by Southern Healthcare Management LLC since September 2018. Prior to the change in ownership that occurred in September 2018, the facility was fined $1,000 by the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. In addition, the facility’s ownership had changed in March of 2018.

Additionally, Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park has been sued in the past for nursing home abuse involving infections and bedsores. There are also plenty of prior lawsuits against Parkview Rehab’s management company, Sovereign Healthcare. Additionally, AHCA has cited the Parkview Rehab facility for failing to follow state regulations regarding resident care at nursing homes. The most recent lawsuits and citations are listed below.

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Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits Against Parkview Rehabilitation Center

Cohen, Larry vs. Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park

Allegations: In March of 2022, Mr. Cohen filed a lawsuit against Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park for nursing home negligence. While residing in the facility, Mr. Cohen was neglected by staff and suffered from the development of sepsis and other infections.

O’Neill, Anna E/O vs. Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park

Allegations: In August of 2022, Ms. Debra Bertrand filed a wrongful death suit against Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park after the loss of her mother, Ms. Anna O’Neill. In August of 2020, Ms. O’Neill had been sent to the emergency room from Parkview after being found unresponsive. Upon admittance into AdventHealth Winter Park Hospital, medical staff diagnosed her with severe bedsores on her sacrum and heels that had developed at Parkview. In October of 2020, Ms. O’Neill passed away. Her death certificate listed one of the causes of her death as a sacral decubitus ulcer.

Lawsuits Against Parkview Rehabilitation Center’s Management Company

Deficiencies at Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park for Resident Care Violations

July 23rd, 2022, Inspection at Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park

Based on observation, record review, and interviews with staff, it was determined that staff had failed to prevent the elopement of one of the facility’s residents. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a physically and cognitively impaired resident was able to exit the facility without supervision. Using his wheelchair, he was able to propel himself 120 feet from his room to the doors leading to the lobby, 33 feet through the lobby, exit the main doors, and go 47 feet down a sloped ramp outside. He was discovered 30 minutes later only 20 feet away from the road.

July 21st, 2021, Inspection at Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park

This inspection found that the facility had failed to prevent an avoidable fall for one of their residents. According to the facility’s records, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) was changing a resident’s diaper in bed when the CNA rolled the resident too far to the edge of the bed. The resident fell out of bed face first. She was transferred to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed and brain shift. She was then admitted to hospice where she shortly passed. As a result of this incident, Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park received a federal fine for $28,548.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/30/2019

During a survey conducted pursuant to a complaint received by AHCA, the surveyor noted that a resident had been admitted who required assistance to move around, including from the bed to her wheelchair. Her medical record did not specify what kind of mechanical lift should be used to help her transfer from her wheelchair to her bed (or vice versa). On August 9, 2019, the resident was being moved with a sit to stand lift with two staff members when the lift stopped working mid-transfer and the resident slipped off. She was consequently manually lowered to the floor, then transferred to her bed via a total mechanical lift. No one reported the fall. The next morning, a Certified Nurse’s Assistant noted that the resident was suffering from swelling in her right foot, her right knee was painful to the touch, and was complaining of pain in her right leg. The doctor was notified and X-rays showed that the resident had fractured her right femur. This was discovered an entire 48 hours after she had suffered her fall, which is not acceptable.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/4/2018

According to the surveyor, residents had not been fully informed of their Medicare rights. Namely, that while they had used up their Medicare Covered Days that allowed that to receive skilled nursing care and therapy, that they could continue to use those services while they appealed the skilled nursing service end date. Nor was there any evidence that the residents were told that should their appeal be rejected, they would be responsible for paying for the services used while awaiting the decision regarding the appeal.

The surveyor also found that one resident had been noted to be discharged to her home after her stay. However, her records showed that she had been discharged to a hospital with no return date indicated. Upon further inquiry, it was confirmed that the resident had been discharged home and not to the hospital and that this entry was an error.

Another resident who was noted to be cognitively impaired appeared barefoot in her room and her toenails were observed to be quite long.  A closer inspection showed that the resident’s toenails were very thick and discolored and one nail was so long it was curving towards the toe next to it. The Assistant Director of Nursing confirmed that staff should inform the nurses regarding nail and podiatry care and determined that the resident should be scheduled to see the podiatrist.

Finally, an ice machine was observed that served both ice from one chute and drinking water from another. A black slimy substance was wiped from the inside of the ice cube chute. While the assistant coordinator stated that housekeeping or maintenance would be responsible for cleaning the machine, housekeeping stated that they only cleaned the outside of the machine. The maintenance director first stated that it had been cleaned 1-2 weeks ago, then changed his statement and claimed it had been cleaned 2 days ago. The next day, he stated that he had been at the facility for approximately three months and he did not have any evidence that the machine had been deep cleaned at any point during his employment.

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