Pinebrook Center Nursing Home Lawsuits

Nursing Home Abuse Cases Against Pinebrook Center in Venice

Pinebrook Center Lawsuits

About Pinebrook Center

Pinebrook Center is a licensed nursing home located at 1240 Pinebrook Road, Venice, FL 34285 in Sarasota County. Our Sarasota nursing home abuse lawyers have experience handling injury and death cases against Pinebrook Center.

This nursing home is a for profit facility and has 120 licensed beds. The licensee and owner of this nursing home is 1240 Pinebrook Road, LLC. The current license held by this nursing home is still effective until October 31, 2018.

Pinebrook Center is owned by Genesis Healthcare. Our attorneys have vast experience handling cases against Genesis.

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Rates Pinebrook Center a 2 Star Facility

At the time of this post, has rated Pinebrook Center as a 2 star facility. The scale allows for 5 stars, so Pinebrook’s 2 star rating is below average.

Pinebrook Center Receives Below Average Rating from Medicare

Lawsuits Against Pinebrook Center

Since January 2003, the facility has been sued by families seeking to hold Pinebrook Center and its corporate owner, Genesis Healthcare, accountable through a civil lawsuit.

The filing of a lawsuit does not mean the matter goes directly to a jury trial. As you can see from the below, the overwhelming majority of cases settle before a jury trial. This is true of most defendants, including Pinebrook Center.

  1. Knutson vs. Pinebrook Center (2003 case – now closed)
  2. Freundlich vs. Pinebrook Center (2003 case – now closed)
  3. Defina vs. Pinebrook Center (2004 lawsuit – now closed)
  4. Estate of Fanning vs. Pinebrook Center (2009 lawsuit – settled)
  5. Estate of Hoffmann vs. Pinebrook Center (2010 lawsuit – settlement)
  6. Surchik, Steve vs. Pinebrook Center (2012 case – closed)
  7. Meyers vs. Pinebrook Center (2014 case – settled)
  8. Hornsby vs. Pinebrook Center (2016 case – still open)
  9. Chibarro vs. Pinebrook Center (2016 – closed)
  10. Estate of Penridge vs. Pinebrook Center (2016 – still open)
  11. Estate of Kipp vs. Pinebrook Center (2016 – still open)
  12. Estate of Villard vs. Pinebrook Center (2017 – closed)
  13. Estate of Bridinger vs. Pinebrook Center (2018 – open)
  14. Estate of Alan Day vs. Pinebrook Center (2018 – open)

The majority of the above cases dealt with allegations of injuries, including:

  • pressure ulcers
  • falls and broken bones
  • wrongful death

If you believe you have a viable case of neglect or abuse against Pinebrook Center in Venice, Florida, speak with our compassionate and experienced nursing home negligence law firm today.

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