Poor Ratings and Lawsuits at Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Lawsuits against Grand Manor Nursing and Rehab in the Bronx

Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a large 240-bed nursing home located at 700 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10473. Unfortunately, the facility has received very low ratings from the New York State Department of Health; it has received an overall rating of one star out of five stars. It has also received a one-star rating in the categories of Preventative Care, Quality of Care, and Quality of Life.

Given these ratings, it is not surprising that Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has received 173 complaints in the past three years, which has led to 19 on-site inspections. The facility received 4 complaint-related citations, all related to resident rights. In addition, the facility has been cited for a total of 43 standard health and life safety code violations.

Additionally, Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been sued in nursing home negligence lawsuits. Most of these cases against Grand Manor nursing home resolved and settled before trial.

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Inspection Results at Grand Manor Rehab in the Bronx

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Three most recent complaint surveys are summarized below; the most recent complaint survey is not available on the New York State Department of Health website.

Complaint Survey dated 06/15/2020 at Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

The Grand Manor Nursing and Rehab Center was found to have violated:

  • Failure to follow infection prevention and control
  • Failure to notify the department of health and document such notification within 30 days of termination of employment of an employee who was subject to, and underwent, a Criminal History Record Check

Complaint Survey dated 11/28/2018 at Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

The surveyor reviewed an incident regarding two residents, both of which were transferred to a hospital. Although a verbal notification of the transfer was provided, the Ombudsman was not informed of the transfers as the transfers were not planned, and the Ombudsman was only notified of planned transfers.

With regard to one of the residents who was transferred to the hospital, the facility stated that she had become physically aggressive towards nurses when they tried to provide care and determined that she was a danger to herself and others. She was consequently transferred to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. After the hospital found that she was not a danger to herself and others, an EMS crew brought the resident back to the facility, only to find a note on the door that the resident was not permitted on the premises. The EMS crew brought the resident back to the hospital, which eventually attempted to discharge her to a shelter, but the resident refused to leave. The state agency found that the facility had unreasonably refused to readmit the resident after her transfer to the hospital. Moreover, the surveyor found that the facility’s medical doctor had not provided any documentation regarding the resident’s transfer.

Certification/Complaint Survey dated 7/15/2016 at Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

During this inspection survey, the facility was cited for failing to ensure that the building was at a safe and comfortable temperature between 71 and 81 degrees. The surveyor observed that residents on the 4th floor were fanning themselves with paper fans and rolling up their pants to keep cool. Upon reviewing the Maintenance Log, it was documented that air conditioners were not working in a large number of resident and shared day rooms, including the entire 4th floor. The Director stated that they were waiting for a shipment of 160 air conditioning units.

In addition, medication was not properly stored. A metal narcotic box was observed being opened by one key, and the second, inner door was opened with another key. However, as the nurse attempted to close the second door, it would not relock. With regard to another narcotic box, both the outer and inner doors were opened with the same key; narcotic boxes are required to have two doors that can only be opened by different keys. Moreover, a vial of opened insulin was noted to lack the date it was opened. The nurse stated she did not recall why she had not noted the date it had been opened.

Furthermore, the facility did not ensure that each resident’s drug regiment was reviewed and monitored. Specifically, one resident was taking antipsychotic drugs and was not monitored adequately. The attending physician was also not notified when the resident’s blood sugar went over 250 mg. In addition, a resident was not provided psychological services two to five time a month as recommended by a psychologist.

A tour of the kitchen revealed that the reach-in refrigerator was kept open due to the breakfast service. There was no curtain to prevent loss of cool air and therefore foods inside the reach-in refrigerator were not kept cool. For example, ice cream inside the refrigerator has melted and was semi-liquified. In addition, the cook was observed to take the temperature of foods without first washing his hands or putting on gloves. Stained ceiling tiles were also noted right above several boxes of food; the Director of Maintenance stated that the leak was from a toilet on the floor above and while he was waiting for the seal to dry, had put back the stained tiles. He stated that he will replace them when interviewed.

The surveyor also observed that two fans above the nurse’s station were dusty and filled with gray caked-on dust and dirt, and that two residents’ rooms smelled strongly of urine.

The facility also failed to provide medication for one resident; although the pharmacy had sent up 45 pills two days prior, the nurse could not find the medication. Moreover, call bells for several residents did not light up at the doorway or ring at the Nurse’s station. Corridors were also blocked by wheeled containers full of linens, thereby preventing a safe exit from the facility, and there were large holes in the walls of the boiler room, which compromised the area’s smoke resistance. The sprinkler system was found to be lacking as some doors blocked sprinkler coverage whereas other areas lacked sprinkler coverage. The surveyor further noted that there was a lack of fire dampers in several ventilation grills, the floor level outside the discharge door was not level with the floor level inside of it, and heating and ventilation systems did not comply with state regulations.

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From the surveys, it is clear that Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has room for improvement. It is concerning that the facility has been cited for violations that directly affect residents as this suggests a higher likelihood of nursing home neglect and abuse. Although the state agency will follow up on complaints, facilities are often given time to remedy violations and are not cited or punished; for this reason it is important that loved ones watch for signs of nursing home neglect or abuse.

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