ProMedica ManorCare Rebranding: ProMedica Senior Care Nursing Homes

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ProMedica ManorCare Rebranding: ProMedica Senior Care Nursing Homes

The non-profit elder care giant ProMedica announced on Friday its intent to rebrand some of its nursing facilities into the larger ProMedica Senior Care name. Facilities affected by the change include brands such as ManorCare, Arden Courts, and Heartland, among others.

As a firm that focuses exclusively on nursing home negligence cases, our attorneys have extensive experience suing ProMedica for negligence.

The History of Manor Care and ProMedica

Suing ManorCare Carrollwood in a Nursing Home Abuse LawsuitThis comes as part of the change begun in 2018 as ProMedica, a large healthcare organization based in Ohio, acquired HCR ManorCare and converted the chain into another non-profit group. The former owner, The Carlyle Group, had previously owned ManorCare properties privately, and this effort to convert the facilities to non-profit status comes as a move toward better health outcomes, a more adequate staff to patient ratio, and innovation in the field of elder care.

This move marks the first joint venture between a non-profit and a for-profit health system, and it may mean a reduction in common nursing home injuries such as bedsores and brain bleeds, but that has yet to be seen.

The Recent Growth of ProMedica

By October of 2020, ProMedica had acquired greater than 335 operations, and facilities affected by the rebranding will begin to see new signage applied to their buildings within the next one and a half years. Locations undergoing change as part of the rebrand include not only nursing homes but also memory care facilities, assisted living locations, and home health agencies.

ProMedica facilities appear across the United States, and Senior Justice Law Firm often works in jurisdictions shared with the healthcare organization. Examples include The Village at ManorCare at 2125 Hilliard Rd, Richmond, VA 23228 as well as the Lely Palms Retirement Community at 1000 Lely Palms Dr, Naples, FL 34113, among many others.

It is likely that facilities bearing the name Manor Care will replace that brand name with ProMedica. For example; Manor Care of Boca Raton will become ProMedica of Boca Raton.

Impacts of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has continued to have a large influence on the ProMedica organization as a whole. ProMedica did receive CARES Act relief, which it credits with helping to keep it afloat during such turbulent times. With overall patient volumes lower in some sectors, like non-essential surgeries, the organization saw a reduction in cash flow. However, these strains were largely mitigated by government relief.

ManorCare has continued to see gradual losses in Medicaid income even before COVID-19 became an issue, but operations have continued to improve as the institution makes the transition to incorporating more locations and converting them to non-profit endeavors. Previous ManorCare locations that struggled to prevent physical abuse and other troubles are expected to improve under this new scheme.

ProMedica Health System reported that for the 2019 calendar year, its operational income fell nearly $42 million compared to the year previous; however, thanks to the partnership with ManorCare, total operating revenue increased by 39%. While the deal joining ProMedica and ManorCare has had short-term impacts on the organization’s credit, these are expected to be short-lived.

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Nursing homes that are run by non-profit organizations tend to score much more highly on government mandated inspections than their for-profit counterparts. However, operation by a non-profit does not guarantee that your loved one is safe from mistreatment, abuse, and neglect at a nursing home. It is critical that families remain vigilant in protecting their loved ones and staying aware of the signs of neglect.

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Filing a lawsuit or even examining a case to determine whether abuse occurred can be a stressful and overwhelming feat. We understand, and we would like to make this process as stress-free and simple as possible. Reach out to schedule a consultation; we would be happy to speak with you free of charge and examine the evidence so that we can offer guidance on what to do next, whether your loved one lives in a ManorCare ProMedica facility or elsewhere.

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