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Recently, a Memphis nursing home facility, owned and operated by the long term care conglomerate Signature Healthcare, was terminated from Medicare due to repeated instances of negligent nursing home care. Signature Healthcare at St. Francis has 8 remaining residents at this time. At its peak, the Signature nursing home held 140 residents.

Why Did This Signature Nursing Home Get The Boot From Medicare?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Signature nursing home was precluded from Medicare and Medicaid payments due to poor health inspections dating back as early as February of 2015. The state health inspectors discovered resident care that was below the acceptable standard of care. The Signature nursing home was cited for these deficiencies, but in the opinion of the Federal Government, not enough was done to fix the patient care problems. As a result, CMS stopped all payments to the nursing home. This is a drastic ‘last resort’ option taken by the government, usually reserved for repeat offenders.

How Do I Know if my Loved One Was Neglected Inside a Signature Nursing Home?

The St. Francis facility is one of many Signature nursing homes across the country. There is no set protocol for determining whether your loved one is being abuse or neglected inside a facility. Therefore, if you think something is amiss, make sure to report the potential nursing home abuse. The squeaky wheel gets the grease in these kinds of cases.

Educating yourself on signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse is key to spotting and stopping the problem. There are some nursing home neglect injuries that are more common than others. If your loved one developed any of the following injuries inside a Signature nursing home, seek legal help immediately.

Signature Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Our lawyers have years of experience suing Signature Healthcare for nursing home negligence. If you would like our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys to begin our investigation into your loved one’s injury or death inside a Signature nursing home, call us today, toll-free, at 1-844-253-8919. There is no charge for the consultation and we only are paid if you make a financial recovery. Call us today.

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