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Cresthaven East is a sprawling 308 bed assisted living facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. Located at 5100 Cresthaven Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33415, Cresthaven ALF offers on site nurses and assistance with bathing, dressing and eating. The facility also offers ambulation ‘assistance upon request’ in order to prevent falls at Cresthaven.

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Lawsuits vs. Cresthaven East for Assisted Living Facility Negligence, Neglect and Abuse

The following civil lawsuits were filed against Cresthaven East, suing the facility for violations of Chapter 429.

Estate of Parisi vs. Cresthaven East LLC

Allegations: On June 30, 2014, Ms. Parisi was admitted to Cresthaven East as a resident. She was admitted to the Cresthaven East special care unit because she was confused but ambulatory, which meant she required heightened monitoring and supervision. On March 4, 2015, Ms. Parisi suffered a fall and was found on the floor. This should have indicated to Cresthaven that Ms. Parisi required increased supervision. On March 7, 2015, Ms. Parisi was permitted to enter another resident’s room. She got into a verbal altercation with this resident, and she was yelling and walking through Cresthaven unmonitored. She then re-entered the resident’s room where she was violently pushed to the ground by the resident, causing fatal injuries, including a broken hip and subdural hematoma. This was a case of a resident on resident attack. Ms. Parisi subsequently passed away as a result of her injuries.

Estate of Appleman vs. Cresthaven East LLC

Allegations: Ms. Ethel Appleman was admitted into Cresthaven East on 7-31-2007 and remained a resident until 7-24-2009. Ms. Appleman suffered a fall on 12-14-2007, developed decubitus ulcers and bed sores, UTI’s and the theft of Ms. Appleman’s dentures. Ms. Appelman subsequently passed away as a result of her injuries.

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AHCA Inspections of Cresthaven East

Periodically, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) will inspect long term care facilities like ALF’s and nursing homes. Below are recent inspection results at Cresthaven East.

Inspection Type Visit Date Pages Inspection Status
Standard 5/13/2010 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Monitor 11/24/2010 3 No Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 3/9/2011 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 3/7/2012 5 Deficiencies Cited
Standard 3/7/2012 7 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 5/23/2012 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 5/23/2012 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 5/23/2012 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 10/2/2013 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 2/21/2014 6 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 4/2/2014 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 4/2/2014 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 5/28/2014 2 No Deficiencies
Monitor 10/23/2014 3 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 12/16/2014 2 No Deficiencies
Monitor 12/16/2014 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 2/11/2015 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 4/13/2015 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 6/29/2015 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 11/4/2015 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 3/15/2016 2 No Deficiencies
Complaint 5/27/2016 2 No Deficiencies
Standard 6/23/2016 2 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 4/7/2017 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 5/2/2017 2 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 6/27/2017 1 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 7/11/2017 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 9/26/2017 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 10/24/2017 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 1/17/2018 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 2/28/2018 1 No Deficiencies
Standard 4/25/2018 2 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 7/16/2018 1 No Deficiencies
Standard 7/16/2018 1 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 11/1/2018 1 No Deficiencies
Complaint 1/22/2019 1 No Deficiencies

The facility also reached a settlement agreement with AHCA regarding a survey violation.

Who Owns Cresthaven East?

As of this post, the legal license holder for the West Palm assisted living facility is Cresthaven East, LLC. This for-profit corporation is controlled by Third Avenues Investors LLC (90% ownership) and C.E. Associates, Inc. (10% ownership).

If you suspect your loved one was injured or died due to neglect at Cresthaven East, take action today. Speak with our attorneys to learn more about your legal rights. Contact us today for a free case consultation.

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