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Terracina Grand Senior Living’s Past Legal Issues

Terracina Grand is an objectively beautiful, elegantly-furnished assisted living facility with Mediterranean-inspired architecture. The facility, located at 6825 Davis Blvd, Naples, Florida 34104, and owned by Terracina, LLC since May 2001, appears idyllic and relaxing. The facility advertises its “platinum service” and a variety of amenities and activities tailored to appeal to residents who are seeking an assisted living facility. Terracina Grand also offers its Pearls of Wisdom Memory Care program for residents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The Naples assisted living facility offers a variety of care levels, including personal assistance with activities of daily living may include a combination of medication assistance and administration, laundry, mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing, and escorts.

However, behind this polished façade are numerous lengthy deficiency citation reports issued by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, lawsuits, and fines. Terracina Grand has been fined  3 times for a total of $4,000 in fines. In October 2014, the facility was fined $2,000 for failing to supervise its residents properly. One resident had suffered 16 falls in a 6-month period. This was not an isolated incident: during the survey, 3 of the 3 sampled residents had experienced multiple falls.

In addition, a lawsuit has been filed against Terracina, LLC for its negligence. A summary of that lawsuit is provided below.

Michael Trzyna, as Attorney in Fact for Marie Trzyna v. Terracina LLC d/b/a Terracina Grand Senior Living

Past Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes and ALF's for Abuse & NeglectAllegations: The Complaint alleges that while Ms. Marie Trzyna was a resident at Terracina Grand, she was not properly monitored, which lead to the development of a decubitus ulcer. According to the Complaint, the ulcer ultimately caused her to incur additional medical costs, required hospitalization, and caused Ms. Trzyna to suffer mental and physical harm.

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Prior Citations Against Terracina Grand Senior Living

AHCA has issued a number of deficiency citations against Terracina Grand.

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and Violations

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 3/28/2014 at Terracina Grand Assisted Living Facility

During an inspection conducted pursuant to a complaint received by AHCA, 3 out of the 3 residents sampled had incomplete 1823 Health Assessment forms, were not adequately supervised, and for one resident, did not complete and file an adverse incident report for a fall.

For one resident, there was no history of falls documented, despite the fact that he had suffered 16 falls since he had been admitted. The resident had lost so much weight that he was admitted into hospice care. One of the resident’s falls resulted in admission to the hospital. No adverse incident report was filed regarding this fall.

The second resident’s assessment also failed to document his history of falls (8 since his condition changed to require assistance with toileting), and his need for assistance with eating. According to his wife, the resident was having difficulty holding silverware, the remote, and was dropping things frequently. As a result, he could only eat 50% of his meals and it was observed that his hands were shaking while trying to feed himself.

The third resident had suffered 11 falls in a 6-month period; the facility did not document the resident’s significant change in condition as a result of these falls. It did recommend to his family that he be moved to the memory unit to prevent elopement, to which his son consented. However, a week after that decision was made, he still had not been transferred to the memory unit. Staff members continued to state that he had not been transferred as the flooring in the room had to be changed prior to his move.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 5/22/2013 at Terracina Grand ALF Naples

The facility was cited for medication-related deficiencies at this time. One staff member was observed taking out 7 pills out of its bubble pack, dispensing the pills into her hand, then dropping them into a paper cup to give to the resident. As the staff member touched all 7 pills, this practice could pass on infections to the resident. The staff member acknowledged her error.

On the memory care unit, two medical technicians were observed giving residents their respective medication without reading the labels of the medicines to the residents. Finally, medication carts were left unattended, in at least one instance with open medication on the cart. The medication carts were not locked and staff members had their backs towards the carts.

Although nothing tragic occurred during this survey, medication errors can prove fatal to vulnerable memory care residents.


Terracina Grand is a beautiful facility and has received positive prior resident reviews. Further, most inspections and surveys at the facility resulted in no citations. Make no mistake, this is one of the better ALF’s we have in Southwest Florida. However, the deficiency citations show that no facility is perfect, and that Terracina Grand has historically had a problem preventing and documenting resident falls. Most concerningly, 3 out of 3 sampled residents had suffered 11 to 16 falls in a six-month period.

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