Top Pennsylvania Counties for Large Jury Verdicts

Best Counties in Pennsylvania for a Medical Malpractice Plaintiff

Wondering Which County is the Best in Pennsylvania for a Nursing Home Negligence Trial?

Unsurprisingly, Philadelphia County is the top PA county for plaintiff jury awards. However, other venues in Pennsylvania are viewed as friendly to plaintiff litigants. Our Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney explains the recent compilation of data by US law which evaluates each of Pennsylvania’s counties through the scope of recent jury verdicts.

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Top Plaintiff Venues for Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Jury Trials

  1. Philadelphia County
  2. Lackawanna County (Scranton)
  3. Luzerne County
  4. Allegheny County (Pittsburgh)
  5. Lancaster County (Lancaster)

What Makes a Venue ‘Good’ for a Medical Malpractice Plaintiff?

Usually, more politically liberal areas are traditionally better for plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. This is because liberal counties are usually more affluent and award larger jury verdicts. Additionally, judges tend to be more sympathetic and appellate courts more lenient.

Why are Some Venues ‘Bad’ for a Plaintiff in a Civil Case?

The opposite is true in conservative areas. More rural areas are less exposed to wealth, therefore small town juries may be more hesitant to award a plaintiff a multi-million jury verdict. Additionally, judges in rural areas are less likely to be sympathetic to injured plaintiffs and more likely to be protective of local businesses.

Are there exceptions? Certainly. Recently, a Beaver County jury awarded a Plaintiff $2,250,000 in damages for a nursing home fall resulting in a shoulder fracture. This was one of the largest nursing home jury verdicts in Pennsylvania, let alone the Pittsburgh area.

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You can ultimately receive a large jury verdict in any of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. From Adams County to York County, large plaintiff verdicts are possible with the right facts and a persuasive attorney.

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