$350,000 ALF Settlement: Unstageable Pressure Sore, Femur Fracture

ALF negligence wrongful death settlement

Unstageable Bed Sore & Femoral Fracture in Assisted Living Facility – $350,000 Settlement

Mandy D was an 85-year-old woman who was sent to Assisted Living Facility after being treated for general weakness and dehydration from independent living. The D family visited with Mandy D regularly and noticed significant changes in Mandy’s behavior – specifically a newly developed phobia of falling.

Assisted Living Facility did not have any incident reports documented of Mandy D suffering from any falls while in their care. The D family was confused at what was triggering Mandy’s fear.

Assisted Living Facility did not continue to keep Mandy engaged or help her with using her a wheelchair or walker. Mandy D was left laying in the same position for days, and her fear of falling kept her from attempting to get up without assistance.

Discovery of a Large, Unstageable Pressure Ulcer

During one visit, the D family discovers an unstageable pressure ulcer on the bottom of Mandy’s feet. The D family called Emergency Medical Services and requested paramedics to transport Mandy D to the nearest hospital.

Hospital staff diagnose mom with septic shock, unknown if origin was from the bedsores on her feet or from an untreated UTI. Emergency room physician informed the family that the sepsis – a severe bloodstream infection – had caused Mandy’s organs to fail.

At the suggestion of her doctors, the D family chose to put Mandy D on hospice care, where she passed several days later.

Post Mortem Findings Via Autopsy Reveal Undiagnosed Femoral Fracture

The D family requested an autopsy from the local medical examiner. The autopsy report discovered that Mandy suffered a fall during her residency at Assisted Living Facility and had a left femoral fracture. Assisted Living Facility failed to diagnose and treat Mandy D’s femur fracture, which resulted in declined mobility, development of pressure ulcer, and unfortunate passing of Mandy D.

The Lawsuit and Investigation Against Assisted Living for Allowing an Unstageable Pressure Ulcer and Femur Fracture

Long term care facilities are obligated to write incident reports of adverse events that cause changes in a resident’s conditions. It was very clear that Mandy D had a dramatic change in behavior, and autopsy report proves that femoral fracture occurred during Mandy’s residency.

A change in behavior such as sudden confusion or altered mental status is also a sign of infection in the body. Many victims in these medical facilities have underlying memory disorders – such as Alzheimer’s or dementia – that prevent them from communicating with their families. Assisted Living Facilities failure to recognize changes in Mandy’s behavior escalated her passing.

In our law firm’s investigation into what happened to Mandy D, we were successful in obtaining the incident report and EMS transfer note, both of which suggested unreported trauma, like a fall. By the greater weight of the evidence, this unreported trauma caused her femoral fracture. Further, the unstageable pressure ulcer was caused by the facility failing to assist Many D with turning and repositioning in bed.

Ultimately, this case was resolved outside of the courthouse for $350,000. The names of the resident and the facility have been changed.

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