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An assisted living facility located at 2480 North Park Road, Hollywood, Florida 33021, Five Star Premier Residences of Hollywood promises potential residents care and supervision. The facility has been owned by SNH SE Tenant TRS, Inc. since December 2011. Our Hollywood, FL nursing home abuse attorneys explain this facility’s legal past.

Since 2011, the facility has been fined by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration twice, for a total of $8,000. In 2014, the facility was fined $10,000, which was later reduced to $7,500, due to its failure to supervise its residents, which led to the death of a resident. That Five Star of Hollywood resident was to be assisted with ambulation and transferring. On that particular day, however, the resident was groomed and showered, then apparently walked by herself out of the facility to feed the ducks by the lake. When a resident wanders out of a long term care facility like this, it is referred to as elopement. Approximately 4 hours later, she was found floating lifeless in the lake. No one was able to determine how she fell off the bench near the lake and down the sloping shoreline, into the lake.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/27/2019

During this re-licensure survey, AHCA found several deficiencies. First, a resident’s 1823 Health Assessment form was determined to be incomplete as the section regarding activities of daily living was not complete and the section regarding whether the resident requires supervision or assistance with transferring was also not completed.

In addition, although all assisted living facilities are required by law to post the telephone numbers residents can call to make complaints to AHCA regarding a facility, those numbers had not been posted at the Five Star Premier Residences of Hollywood. When the Assistant Director of Nursing was questioned regarding where these numbers were posted, she stated that they should be on the first floor. However, no numbers were posted on the first floor for making complaints. The Director of Resident Care stated that she was not aware that AHCA had the posters available on its website to print and stated that she would ensure that they are posted.

Finally, several entries on residents’ Medical Observation Records were not signed off, although the medication had been given by a staff member. The staff member stated that on that day, while she was handing out medication, that an emergency had arisen and she had gone to assist in that emergency. As a result, she had not completed the Medical Observation Records properly.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/22/2019

This survey also showed that a resident’s 1823 Health Assessment form was inaccurate. The resident stated to the surveyor, upon interview, that her private duty aide helped her take her medication. The private duty aide, who does not work for the facility, stated that since the resident cannot see, she assists her by placing her medication in a plastic cup every time the resident needs to take her medication. However, her 1823 form indicated that she was able to self-administer medication without assistance. A nurse at the facility was not aware that the resident was supposed to self-administer her own medication. In addition, the Administrator stated that she was not aware when the resident’s condition changed to where she could no longer take her medication by herself, but stated that she would have the resident’s physician examine the resident and update her Form 1823.

The surveyor also noted that two deficiencies cited in 2018 had still not been corrected. The first citation was related to a fire pump that had been installed inside the facility without a permit. The second and newer citations were related to several structural defects that needed repair, such as the first-floor exit door and exit lighting, as well as obstructed electrical panels, broken fire sprinklers, and multiple breaker panels being painted shut.

Finally, the facility did not have a current Emergency Environmental Control Plan approval letter for a fixed generator installed on the property.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/5/2019

This deficiency report stated that one resident of the facility had been found on the dining room floor of the facility by kitchen staff. There was no indication on that resident that she was a fall risk, nor was there a list of residents that the facility considered fall risks. The facility simply told new employees of which residents needed to be supervised and checked on when they are at a high risk of falls. The resident in question appeared to be suffering from dementia and had been observed by staff trying to get out of her wheelchair on numerous occasions. As a result, the facility usually had someone closely monitor her, but they do not have aides in the dining room monitoring residents. A review of the resident’s 1823 Health Assessment form showed that there was no record that she was a fall risk nor that she was an elopement risk, even though she liked to try to follow her daughter out of the building after visits.

Moreover, the facility was not following its own policy regarding grievances. Only 2 grievances were noted in the grievance log, despite the fact that residents had voiced concerns regarding  the slow service in the dining room, the kitchen running out of food, and staff members speaking Creole.

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