$5 Million Jury Award for Victim of New York City Nursing Home Neglect

Highest Verdict for Nursing Home Abuse Trial in NY

Recently, a Manhattan jury returned a $5 million verdict in favor of the plaintiff in a nursing home abuse case. The case involved nursing home abuse and neglect allegations against Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing. The New York nursing home abuse lawsuit was brought by the widow of the deceased resident.

Our NYC nursing home abuse attorneys explain the case facts and the explosive exposure these facilities face in front of a jury of regular people.

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Case Facts Resulting in a NY Nursing Home Abuse Verdict of $5M+

Neglect case vs. Northern Manhattan Nursing Home and Rehab CenterThe nursing home negligence case involving a deceased resident named Frederick Smith.

Mr. Smith’s family, by and through the estate, alleged that while Mr. Smith was a resident at Northern Manhattan Nursing Home, his needs were neglected and he suffered serious injury.

Specifically, it was alleged that Northern Manhattan Nursing Home:

  • ignored its resident for hours,
  • failed to monitor Mr. Smith’s blood sugar
  • allowed Mr. Smith’s blood sugar to become dangerously low, and,
  • after going into hypoglycemic shock, failed to timely call 911 and get Mr. Smith to a hospital.

As a result of this, Mr. Smith suffered significant brain damage. He lived in a coma like state for about half a year, relying on machines and medical devices to keep him alive.

New York Nursing Home Abuse Trial Verdict

The case was tried before Judge Lucy Billings in Manhattan. The defendant, NMRNC, is located at 116 E. 125th Street.

The jury awarded the victim’s widow the following verdict:

  • $2.98M in compensatory damages
  • $2.052M in statutory interest
  • Total award: $5,032,281

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