Brookdale West Boynton Beach Lawsuits and Inspection Results

Lawsuits Against Brookdale West Boynton Beach

Legal Cases Against Brookdale West Boynton Beach

Located at 8220 S. Jog Road, Boyton Beach, FL 33472-2938, Brookdale West Boyton Beach is a for-profit nursing facility that offers 167 beds. It was been owned/licensed to Summerville 15, LLC since 2005 and has been fined a total of eight times, with four of those fines occurring in 2017. Brookdale West Boynton Beach was formally known as Emeritus at Boynton Beach but was renamed in 2015 after Brookdale purchase Emeritus Corp. and rebranded the Emeritus facilities.

Lawsuits Filed vs. Brookdale West Boynton Beach

Since the change of ownership occurred in 2005, several lawsuits have been filed against the facility:

Laurie Siegel v. Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. and Summerville 15, LLC d/b/a Brookdale West Boynton Beach

Allegations: Ms. Siegel was an elderly adult residing in Brookdale West Boynton. The Plaintiff alleges that Brookdale understaffed its facility using its Service Alignment Software in an effort to maximize its profits.

Mary Jane Butz v. Summerville 15, LLC d/b/a Emeritus at Boynton Beach

Allegations: Ms. Mary Jane Butz had been admitted to Emeritus at Boynton Beach with a high risk of pressure ulcers as she suffered from dementia, exhibited lack of interest in daily activities and often did not leave her bed for several days. Despite these signs, the complaint alleged that the staff at the facility failed to turn Ms. Butz to prevent bed sores, and when they did form, did not treat them promptly and failed to recognize when her health deteriorated.

Ronald Delaney, as Next Friend of Mary Delaney v. Summerville 15, LLC d/b/a Emeritus at Boynton Beach

Allegations: According to the complaint, Ms. Mary Delaney was a resident at Emeritus at Boynton Beach in 2012. The staff allegedly failed to provide adequate care and as a result, Ms. Delaney suffered a fractured hip, unexplained injuries, eloped out of the facility, was followed by another resident, and suffered from deterioration of her wounds.

Richard Lakis, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Martha Jean Lakis v. Summerville 15, LLC d/b/a Emeritus at Boynton Beach

Allegations: Ms. Martha Jean Lakis was a resident of Emeritus at Boynton Beach which, according to the complaint, failed to properly supervise Ms. Lakis. This resulted in Ms. Lakis suffering several assisted living facility falls and unexplained injuries.

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Cited Deficiencies Against Brookdale West Boynton Assisted Living

As mentioned above, Brookdale West Boynton Beach has been fined numerous times. The Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA”) conducts unannounced inspections of nursing home facilities and cites those facilities for any deficiencies. When those deficiencies continue or are not corrected, a facility can be fined. The following are the most recent deficiencies cited by AHCA with regard to Brookdale West Boynton Beach:

Complaint Survey Dated 11/08/2019

This survey was predicated by a complaint about the care at Brookdale West Boynton. AHCA investigated and found that a resident’s care plan was not appropriate given their diagnoses. Brookdale West Boynton was also found to have failed to ensure their written grievance procedure for receiving and responding to resident complaints was followed.

Monitor Statement of Deficiencies Dated 6/4/2019

During this survey, AHCA found that one resident was suffering from wounds that required additional care and therefore, it was no longer appropriate for this resident to stay at the facility. The wounds on the resident appeared to be quite severe and large. The facility told the surveyor that a family member was scheduled to pick up the resident and take her back to her home state the following week.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 5/16/2019

On May 16, 2019, the surveyor found that the facility failed to ensure that all residents have a Resident Health Assessment that accurately conveyed their current status. For example, one resident was observed to have difficulty swallowing, was only permitted to eat pureed foods, and was observed needing meals fed to her. However, that resident’s Resident Health Assessment stated that the resident needs assistance with self-administration with medication.

During this survey, AHCA also observed that residents who were scheduled to receive medication at 8 a.m. only received them between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Several staff members had also not completed their required training, and the surveyor saw that two staff members had not been registered in the AHCA clearinghouse as required.

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 11/28/2018

At this survey, AHCA cited the facility for its failure to submit a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to the local emergency management agency for approval. Although the facility had received a letter from the local agency that the plan they submitted was deficient, the facility had not provided a second plan for review.

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