Appeals Court Pauses Release of Death Certificates to Hollywood Hills Nursing Home

Update on Hollywood Hills Rehab License Suspension

Embattled Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills Continues Legal Battle for License to Operate a Nursing Home

Following the tragedy of multiple resident deaths due to a lack of air conditioning during Hurricane Irma, the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills lost its license. In its quest to obtain its license back, the facility’s lawyers have requested production of thousands of former resident death certificates.

Legal Battle for Nursing Home Licensure in Tallahassee

Florida’s First District Court of Appeal approved a stay of production of the death certificates, ruling that Florida’s Department of Health does not need to immediately produce death certificates to the now notorious Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. Hollywood Hills’ lawyers have requested the production of numerous death certificates of former residents. The Department of Health has appealed this request and obtained a stay on production of the death certificates.

In total, the facility lawyers are requesting 5,907 death certificates.

Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills and Hurricane Irma

The Rehab Center at Hollywood Hills is the nursing home which lost power during Hurricane Irma. After losing power, the facility chose not to take residents across the parking lot to the neighboring hospital. As a result, residents died due to heat exposure and lack of air conditioning.

Why Does Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills Want Resident Death Certificates?

Following the catastrophe after Hurricane Irma, Hollywood Hills lost its license as a Chapter 400 nursing home. As a result, lawyers were hired by the rehabilitation center to fight for its re-licensing. The nursing home lawyers requested production of more than 5,000 ‘long form’ death certificates, with cause of death listed.

Upper Court Denies Immediate Production; Stays Production of Death Certificates

The First District Court of Appeal quashed lower court Judge Lewis’ ruling and stated in its ruling that the stay on producing the documents “shall remain in effect pending final disposition of the merits of this appeal.”

Current Status on Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills

Currently, the facility remains suspended with a moratorium in effect on admitting residents. Shockingly, the owner of the Rehab Center at Hollywood Hills is now opening a Miami charter school.

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