Nursing Home Medication Error Leads to Criminal Charges

Elder Abuse leads to arrest of Johonna Hull

When Nursing Home Negligence Becomes Fatal…

Johonna Hull, a Greenbriar Healthcare Center staff member, faces criminal charges for a nursing home wrongful death.

Ms. Hull is alleged to have administered the wrong prescription to one of the facility’s residents. The nursing home medication error caused the resident to die a particularly sudden and unexpected death. The resident, 70 year old William Wolfe, was given morphine that was not prescribed for him. Shortly after the mis-administration of the drug, Mr. Wolfe died.

Assisted Living Negligence Claim

Criminal Charges Filed for Neglect of the Elderly

Ms. Hull is a resident of Canfield, Ohio and the facility is located in Boardman, OH. The culpability was significant enough that the State of Ohio charged Johonna Hull and another Greenbriar employee with neglect of an elderly patient.

Other charges were brought against Greenbriar employees Brenda Lamancusa, 40, and Beth Bowman, 51. Both of these Greenbriar employees were criminally charged with abuse or neglect of an elderly patient.

The Greenbriar Healthcare staff are also accused of  Hull was also fined $100 and faces a demerit on her ability to work in the long term care field in the future. Johonna Hull has entered a no contest plea to the criminal charges brought against her and she was placed on probation at the nursing home.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed against Greenbriar Healthcare

Tired of the lies and runaround, the Wolfe family decided to seek justice through a nursing home negligence lawsuit.

“Evidence indicated, and the autopsy showed, that a gentleman … was mistakenly given the wrong medication … The charges are largely over not only the mistake in providing him that medication, but probably even more importantly, the lack of action that was taken by the staff at Greenbriar,”

Michael McBride, Mahoning County prosecutor

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