Can I Sue a Nursing Home if I am Not Sure What Caused Mom’s Injury?

Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Negligence if the Cause of Death is Unclear

Unknown Nursing Home Injuries Lawsuit

How can I sue a nursing home if I am not sure how my Mom was injured? We get asked this question all the time as nursing home abuse attorneys.

The truth is, most families are not sure how their loved one was injured inside the facility. Many families are unsure of the cause of death, or, disagree with the death certificate.

This is why our law firm gets contacted. We routinely investigate what caused a resident’s fracture, injury or wrongful death. More often than not, the cause is neglect or abuse.

Wading Into the Unknown of Nursing Home Abuse Injuries…

Getting Answers on What Caused your Family Member to get Hurt or Die Inside a Nursing Home

Sometimes, all we have are well-founded suspicions of elder abuse in the beginning. From your suspicions, our firm begins investigating the case, hiring the right experts and speaking with the parties involved.

However, in order for our lawyers and staff to get you answers, we need you to take the first step. So how do you know if its “worth it” to contact Senior Justice Law Firm about potentially unknown nursing home injuries? While there is no magic list of injuries which equal abuse, the following harms are commonly associated with nursing home abuse or assisted living facility negligence.

Broken Bones, Fractured Hips and Brain Bleeds

Anytime a loved one suffers a broken bone, fractured hip, broken pelvis or brain bleed inside a long-term care facility, the injury should always be investigated by a neutral outside investigator. Do not accept the facility’s internal investigation. As you can imagine, rarely if ever does the facility management report they are the cause of the injury.

Hip Fractures

Broken hipsBroken hips are indicators of an undocumented nursing home fall are a common red flag for trauma inside a nursing home. This usually happens when a resident falls. If the resident is unable to walk on their own, the nursing home staff may have dropped the resident. If your parent suffered a hip fracture inside a nursing home or assisted living facility, the cause is most likely traumatic in nature. Any trauma that goes unreported and undocumented is automatically grounds for an elderly abuse lawsuit. This kind of cover-up may justify punitive damages. Unexplained hip fractures always warrant an independent investigation from an elder abuse attorney.

Brain Bleeds and Skull Fractures

Blood on the brain, medically referred to as a subdural hematoma, does not ‘just happen.’ This life-threatening injury is the most serious fall-related damage one could sustain. If your loved one was diagnosed with a brain bleed or skull fracture, you should investigate the incident further.

Other Kinds of Broken Bones

Many of our cases involve unexplained broken bones. Commonly, we see femur fractures, elbow breaks, broken pelvis bones, ankle breaks, fractured vertebrae and hand / feet fractures. The facility’s excuse is always the same; ‘Your Mom has osteoporosis.’ ‘You know, Dad has brittle bones.’ ‘This is an old fracture, we did not cause it.’

However, the medical literature is clear that bones do not break themselves.

Overwhelmingly, most fractures inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities occur due to trauma.

There are many kinds of broken bones, some of which suggest trauma (comminuted) while others suggest degenerative changes (chronic). Do not face this complicated medical diagnosis alone. Let our experienced and compassionate attorneys help you on determining why your family member broke their bones inside the nursing home. We can take the baton and perform a full investigation as to what caused your loved one to suffer injury or wrongful death.

Pressure Ulcers (Bedsores)

Skin breakdown like pressure ulcers and bedsores are almost always avoidable. So what causes a bedsore? As the name suggests, a pressure injury is due to unrelieved pressure. If the facility was not turning and repositioning the resident every 2 hours, this can be elder neglect. Pressure ulcer and bedsore cases are some of the easiest neglect cases for our lawyers to prove, since the injury is almost always avoidable.

Unexplained Death inside a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

You visited your Dad on Sunday and he was fine. 24 hours later you receive a call that he is non responsive and being rushed to the local hospital. He dies before he even leaves the facility, so no hospital doctors perform a work up.

While you have no hard evidence, you suspect something caused your family member’s wrongful death inside the nursing home or assisted living facility. But how can you prove it? An unknown nursing home injuries lawsuit may be your only chance to get answers and justice for what happened to the victim.

Our specialized elder abuse lawyers can perform a full investigation into your loved one’s unknown cause of death. We hire expert nurses and doctors to examine the facility chart, their recorded vital signs, any signs of distress and, glaringly, inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the nursing home records. It is far from easy to prove wrongful death arising out of unknown circumstances in a facility, but our law firm regularly accomplishes this.

Demand Answers on Unknown Nursing Home Injuries –
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Senior Justice Law Firm

If you suspect nursing home abuse or assisted living negligence, let our seasoned legal team look into the incident for you.

The Process of Getting to the Root Cause of ‘Unknown’ Injuries in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our attorneys cannot guarantee any results. However, in prior cases, we obtain all the available evidence through legal channels and have it reviewed by the right experts. In fall cases, we subpoena the surveillance footage. In wound cases, we obtain outside provider records to see if they noted skin breakdown. In unexplained wrongful death claims we obtain the adverse incident reports.

Our lawyers specialize in this elder abuse sub-specialty. Many of our clients come to us not knowing exactly what caused their loved one’s injury inside the facility. It is our practice to ferret out the truth as to the real cause of your nursing home injury or death.

We Suspect Abuse and Neglect but we Cannot Afford a Lawyer

Luckily, we work exclusively on contingency fee agreements. This is the same kind of contract used by car accident attorneys. You do not have to pay us anything out of pocket. We pay for your records, the experts, court costs, etc. At the end of the case, if you settle your case or receive a favorable verdict, we recoup our costs and take 33.3% to 40% of the recovery. If you don’t receive any compensation, you pay us nothing.

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