Arbor Trail Rehab Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits & Allegations

Arbor Trail Rehab cases for neglect and citations from AHCA.

Information on Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center

Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center can be found at 611 Turner Camp Road in Inverness, Florida. This 116-bed, for-profit facility is owned by Sovereign Healthcare Holdings, LLC. It is also known by its legal business name of Sovereign Healthcare of Inverness, LLC.

At the time this post was written, Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center was rated three out of five stars by Medicare. This represents an ‘average’ rating by CMS. Medicare provides star ratings to nursing homes on its Care Compare site. Medicare’s ratings are based on the nursing homes’ health inspection reports, staffing reports, and resident care measures.

Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center has received two federal fines in the last three years for approximately $10,000. Care facilities receive federal fines when they receive a serious health or safety citation during inspections or fail to correct a citation over a long period of time.

Lawsuits Against Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Allegations

The following lawsuits have been filed against Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center:

Cowan Jr., Elmer B. E/O vs. Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center

Allegations: David Cowan, the executor of the estate of Elmer B. Cowan Jr., filed a nursing home negligence suit against Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center. In the complaint, it’s alleged that Mr. Cowan Jr. suffered from a urinary tract infection (UTI), pressure sores (also known as bedsores), contractures of the legs and wrists, and a gastrointestinal bleed while under the care of the facility. Mr. Cowan Jr. passed away allegedly as a result of his injuries.

Deficiencies at Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center for Resident Care Violations

August 25th, 2022, Inspection at Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center

Based on observation, record review, and interviews, inspectors determined that the facility failed to provide care for a resident’s midline catheter. The resident had been transferred back to the facility after a hospitalization for an infection with a midline catheter to administer antibiotics through. The dressing around the catheter had not been changed since the resident had left the facility. Furthermore, a nurse did not properly flush the catheter. These practices are not in accordance with professional care standards and could cause infections.

March 4th, 2021, Inspection at Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center

According to this inspection at the facility, staff failed to properly care for and prevent the deterioration of bedsores. Resident #21 was admitted to the facility with bedsores on his coccyx and right heel. Once at Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center, Resident #21 was not provided with skin integrity care to prevent the further breakdown of his wounds. Heel protectors were not provided to offload pressure off of the resident’s heels.

August 1st, 2019, Inspection at Arbor Trail Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center

During this inspection, surveyors observed a resident being exposed to their roommate and others in the hallway. The resident was having their G-tube flushed by a staff member without a curtain being drawn around them and the resident’s door being closed.


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