Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center Lawsuits and Citations

Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center nursing home abuse case

Background Information on Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center is a 115-bed facility located at 1111 South Highland Avenue in Clearwater, Florida. The legal business name of the facility is Fi-Highland Pines, LLC. It is owned by the Florida Institute for Long Term Care, LLC. At the time of this post, Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center is rated three out of five stars on Medicare’s Care Compare site. The facility is rated “average” in the category of Health Inspections and “above average” in Quality Measures, but “below average” in Staffing. The total number of nurse staff hours (including CNAs and all nurses) per resident per day is three hours and ten minutes. The Florida average for total number of nurse staff hours per resident per day is three hours and fifty-six minutes.

Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center has received two federal fines in the past three years for deficiencies in health and safety measures. Furthermore, the facility has been sued in the past for allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Lawsuits Against Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Allegations

The following lawsuits have been filed against Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center:

Hanlotxomphou, Phouangkhm G. E/O vs. Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: During her residency at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center, Ms. Hanlotxomphou suffered from multiple falls resulting in fractures. As a result of these injuries, Ms. Hanlotxomphou died.

Notar, Adele vs. Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: Ms. Notar filed a suit against Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center after she suffered a fall resulting in severe injuries. According to the complaint against the facility, staff should have been aware of Ms. Notar’s high risk for falls and provided her with fall prevention measures.

Trullard, Steven M. vs. Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: Mr. Trullard, through his guardian, sued Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center after he suffered from negligence at the facility. During his time at the facility, Mr. Trullard developed bedsores (also known as decubitus ulcers), suffered from infections, and had unexplained bruises on his body.

Rivas Rodriguez, Jesus E/O vs. Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: The personal representative of the estate of Mr. Rivas Rodriguez, Anthony Rodriguez, pursued legal action against the facility after the death of his father. Due to the staff’s negligence at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center, Mr. Rivas Rodriguez suffered from the development of bedsores. His bedsores then became infected due to improper wound care. As a result of his injuries and infections, Mr. Rivas Rodriguez passed away.

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Deficiencies at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center for Resident Care Violations

March 8th, 2021, Inspection at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

According to this inspection at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center, staff failed to protect a resident from suffering severe injuries. The resident was sent to the hospital from the facility with multiple facial fractures and a subdural hematoma (brain bleed). The resident then passed away. The resident’s injuries were unexplained by facility staff.

July 26th, 2019, Inspection at Highland Pines Rehabilitation Center

During this inspection at the nursing home, inspectors observed a staff member improperly care for a resident’s feeding tube. The staff member failed to properly flush the tube before feeding and did not pause the feeding pump before disconnecting the tube, which caused the tube’s contents to spill over the resident’s bed. The staff member did not clean up the spilt contents or change the resident’s bed sheets.

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*The above does not mean your loved one would be in harm at this facility. Each facility gets inspected often. Almost all facilities have deficiencies. Many face civil lawsuits. You should not make a facility placement decision based solely on the above information. Each case is different. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome or indicate an expected outcome on your particular case. The above prior lawsuit information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to substitute for legal advice from an attorney. This individual case information above is publicly filed information gathered from the publicly filed complaint. This information and these cases are not the work of this law firm. The inspection results are provided from public government agency surveys. The state Department of Health conducts a survey of all nursing home facilities at least once every 15 months. The deficiencies listed on this page may have been corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. Citations, ratings and deficiencies are current as of the date of this post and will change later on. The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at medicare.gov. This material is not endorsed by the facility or by any governmental agency. Speak with an attorney immediately if you believe you have a viable case against a nursing home, assisted living facility or medical facility. 

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