Augusta GA Nursing Home Abuse a ‘Rampant’ Problem

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The August Free Press recently reported that nursing home abuse and neglect is rampant throughout the Augusta, GA area. Augusta nursing homes and assisted living facilities commit negligence when they ignore a patient’s needs. When this neglect occurs, terrible injuries occur, like pressure ulcers and falls.

Our Augusta nursing home abuse attorney explains.

Spotting Augusta, GA Nursing Home Neglect

Recognizing neglect injuries is half the battle. It is not easy to spot negligence related injuries because they may be concealed.

Injuries which suggest Augusta nursing home negligence include broken hips, bed sores, widespread infections and subdural hematoma brain bleeds. Be on particular look out for these specific injuries.

Understaffing Augusta Nursing Homes Leads to Bedsores and Falls

The Augusta Free Press confirms what our nursing home negligence lawyers have said for years. When a facility scrimps on staff numbers, the results are deadly. Undersaffing is the root cause of many nursing home failures.

Without enough staff, an Augusta nursing home is bound to commit errors and neglect resident needs.

Many nursing homes have insufficient staffing, which means that those on-duty may not have time to perform key activities, such as rotating patients in bed to prevent bedsores or properly bathing and feeding patients. Nursing homes with lower staffing ratios are also more likely to make medication errors or sedate patients to make them easier to manage. Families should be alert to the development of bedsores or repeated infections, as well as overmedication, as these may indicate a serious facility issue. — A.F.P. 

Reporting Augusta, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse

If you do not say something, these elder abuse problems will repeat themselves. Whether you decide to bring a nursing home abuse lawsuit or not, you should at the very least report the nursing home abuse.

In Georgia, you can file a complaint against a negligent nursing home by calling the Healthcare Facility Regulation at 1-800-878-6442. You can also report Augusta GA nursing home abuse to the Richmond County Ombudsman at 706-369-3002.

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