Average Settlement for a Nursing Home Fall in Florida

Average Settlement for a Nursing Home Fall in FloridaMore and more information is coming out about elder law issues. Specifically, senior citizens can experience many problems in a nursing home, including falling due to the facility’s negligence. If you or a loved one has experienced this issue, you may want to know the average settlement for a nursing home fall.

If you or a loved one has experienced a nursing home fall, your potential settlement will depend on several factors. While you may be curious about the average settlement for a nursing home fall in Florida, what is more important is how to strengthen your specific case. Below, Senior Justice Law Firm discusses some factors in assessing a nursing home fall settlement. We also describe some common causes of nursing home falls and what you can do to help prove your right to compensation. 

Common Causes of Nursing Home Falls

There are various reasons why nursing home falls occur. The cause of the fall plays a significant role in your potential settlement amount. Some common causes include:

  • Lack of staff. Nursing homes with inadequate staffing levels may be unable to provide adequate supervision or assistance to residents. This can increase the risk of falls. 
  • Slippery floors. Nursing home floors may become slippery due to spills or other hazards, making it easier for residents to slip and fall. A nursing home needs cleaning staff to clean the area of debris and other substances regularly.
  • Lack of mobility aids. Many nursing home residents have mobility issues, requiring assistive devices such as walkers or canes. If the nursing home fails to provide those devices, it can cause a fall. 
  • Medication side effects. Some medications can cause dizziness or other side effects that increase the risk of falls. Nursing home staff must monitor residents for some of these side effects.
  • Inadequate lighting. Inadequate lighting is another frequent cause of nursing home falls. It can make it impossible for residents to see dangers in their living spaces. 

These and other causes of nursing home falls are largely preventable.

How to Strengthen Your Claim for Compensation After a Nursing Home Fall 

If you were injured due to a nursing home fall, you could file a lawsuit against the nursing home for compensation. For most nursing home claims, you must prove that the nursing home was negligent. You can do this by showing that they owe you a duty of care and breached it by not treating you like a reasonable nursing home facility should. For example, they did not clean up debris from the ground, causing you to slip. You must also show that this led to the fall and resulting injuries. By proving this, you increase the likelihood of obtaining compensation.

Here are some steps to help build a negligence case against a nursing home:

  • Document the incident. Be sure to document as much information as possible about the fall, including the date, time, and location.
  • Gather evidence. Collect evidence supporting your case, such as medical records, photos of the fall location, and witness statements.
  • Hire an experienced attorney. An attorney specializing in nursing home abuse and neglect can help you navigate the legal process and build a strong case.

The last step is vital. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf or fight a case in court if necessary.

Want to Learn What Your Nursing Home Case Is Worth?

Now you have general information about what affects the payout for a nursing home fall. However, you need advice about your specific injury and accident. You need help from an attorney with experience fighting nursing home abuse and negligence to represent you.

More than a few elder law firms are out there, but Senior Justice Law Firm stands out. We are a highly skilled and accomplished team dedicated to taking on cases of nursing home abuse and personal injury. Our law firm has won countless accolades and awards, including a 10.0 Avvo rating and the preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Call us today at (888) 375-9998, or contact us online.

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