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Ayers Health & Rehabilitation: Prior Facility Problems and Civil Lawsuits for Injury and Wrongful Death

Ayers Health & Rehabilitation: Facility Profile

Ayers Health & Rehabilitation nursing home is a 120 bed facility located at 606 N.E. 7th Street in Trenton, Florida 32693. The nursing home is well regarded for its therapy program but has fallen short in certain areas, including preventing pressure ulcers and resident falls.

Experience Dealing With Ayers

Our law firm has brought claims against Ayers Health & Rehab for nursing home negligence in the past. If you believe you have a potential lawsuit against Ayers nursing home, contact our experience Florida nursing home abuse law firm now for advice on your legal rights: 1-844-253-8919. The call is toll-free and there is no charge for an initial case consultation.

Facility Ownership

Who really owns Ayers Health and Rehab? The legal licensee for the facility is listed as AYERS HEALTH & REHABILITATION CENTER, LLC. However, the actual owner and controlling management company for the facility is HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT, INC.

Is Ayers Health Nursing Home a Not-for-Profit?

Technically, yes. Ayers Health & Rehab is listed as a Non-Profit company. However, our lawyers have dug deeper into the financials of this ‘non-profit’ nursing home. By obtaining the company’s 990 Tax form*, our attorneys have discovered the following about the facility ownership:

  • Ayers’ corporate owner enjoyed almost $140 million in revenues in 2015.
  • Executives running the company paid themselves $3.8 million in compensation in 2015.
  • 2014 was not much different. The company had $138 million in revenues and the corporate executives paid themselves $3.9 million.

*The IRS Form 990 is an annual information return that most organizations claiming federal tax-exempt status must file yearly.

Suing Ayers Rehab for Nursing Home Negligence

Our Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyers have experience bringing claims against this Trenton, FL nursing home. In our prior cases against the facility, we have pursued claims against both the licensee and the corporate management company.

Prior Public Lawsuits Filed Against Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center

West, Rebecca vs. Ayers Health & Rehabilitation Center
Status: Case Closed/Settled

Cook, William vs. Ayers Health & Rehab
Status: Case Closed/Settled

Prior Health Inspections at Ayers Health & Rehabilitation Center

May 4, 2017 Inspection Report

During a recent Department of Health inspection of the Trenton, FL nursing home, state inspectors found the following deficiencies:

  • During an interview on 05/03/17 at 11:48 AM, the facility risk manager stated the facility has not had an interdisciplinary team meeting for [redacted resident name]. . . Continued interview with the risk manager revealed, after reviewing the residents care plan with this surveyor, the resident’s care plan was not updated after she fell on [DATE]. The risk manager stated it is her responsibility to notify the Minimum data Set (MDS) staff to update the resident’s care plan. A review of the care plan last revised 11/01/16 revealed the resident is at risk for falls related to a history of falls and weakness. Goal: The resident will transfer and ambulate safely. . . A review of the care plan on 05/03/17 did not show the care plan was updated after the resident had a fall with injuries in April of 2017.

  • Based on observation, interview and policy review it was confirmed the facility failed to ensure sanitary measures were initiated specific to hair covering when serving residents’ meals in the main dining room affecting 56 residents in the main dining room of 114 resident census. 

  • Based on observation, interview and policy review, it was confirmed the facility failed to follow infection control program including hand hygiene and cleaning and disinfection of resident care equipment.

Additional health department inspections of 3/11/16 and 3/5/15 also revealed deficiencies.

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