Lawsuits and Inspections at The Carlisle Palm Beach Assisted Living Facility

prior cases vs. Carlisle Palm Beach for falls and bed sores

The Carlisle Palm Beach is an upscale, medium-sized, 175-bed, for-profit assisted living facility located at 450 E Ocean Avenue, Lantana, Florida 33462. It is owned or licensed to SL Carlisle LLC, which has been the owner/licensee since June 2014.

The Carlisle Palm Beach has been sued in injury lawsuits and has been cited for deficiencies in state survey inspections. Our Palm Beach assisted living abuse attorneys explain.

Lawsuits Filed vs. The Carlisle Palm Beach

The following lawsuits have been filed against The Carlisle Palm Beach and/or SL Carlisle LLC the owner/licensee of The Carlisle Palm Beach, alleging assisted living negligence:

Diane Preisman and Carol Martin, as Personal Representatives of the Estate of Joyce Levine v. SL Carlisle LLC d/b/a The Carlisle Palm Beach

Allegations: The Complaint alleges that Joyce Levine, who suffered from dementia and memory problems, was admitted to The Carlisle Palm Beach in December 2013. The staff assured Ms. Levine’s family that the staff would check on Ms. Levine every two hours. On or around December 29, 2013, Ms. Levine used the call system to request assistance, which no one responded to.

Ms. Levine attempted to get out of bed and suffered a fall; her subsequent calls for help also went unanswered. When she was finally found, she was taken to the hospital where she died as a result of her injuries.

Alan Jaffe, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Sydell Jaffe v. SL Carlisle LLC d/b/a The Carlisle Palm Beach

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Sydell Jaffe was admitted to the facility in September 2012 for care and supervision. She suffered from dementia and was wheelchair-bound due to a bilateral knee surgery.

As a result of her lack of mobility, she was at high risk of bedsores. The Complaint alleges that the staff at the facility failed to prevent, then adequately treat, a bedsore which worsened and eventually caused Ms. Jaffe’s death.

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The Carlisle Palm Beach Inspections and Survey Results

The Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA”) conducts periodic inspections and surveys to ensure facilities like The Carlisle Palm Beach are in compliance with state and federal regulations. Recent inspections show the deficiencies that The Carlisle Palm Beach has been cited as follows:

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 7/3/2019

An unannounced survey following a complaint was conducted and found that the facility failed to accurately record two residents’ medical needs during their respective entrance conferences. The first resident’s requirement for assistance from nursing staff was not documented. The second resident had documentation that stated he required assistance with self-administration of medication via injection. However, during the survey, a review of the Medical Observation Log showed that the second resident’s medication was administered solely by the nurse. The Carlisle Palm Beach was cited for this failure.

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 4/16/2019

A survey of the facility on this date revealed that the facility does not follow its own policies and procedures regarding patient grievances. Although a resident had filed a grievance regarding water damage that affected the air quality in his apartment, via email, the facility’s Grievance Log contained no documentation regarding the resident’s complaint.

In addition, the facility failed to submit its Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to the county. Nor did the Carlisle Palm Beach obtain approval and maintain documentation of an Emergency Environmental Control Plan.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 5/15/2018

During this inspection, AHCA found that the unlicensed staff at the facility did not tell residents which medications were given to them, as required. In addition, every staff member had not received the proper training on resident rights and safe food handling.

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