Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living Has Severe Bed Bug Infestation

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The Fort Lauderdale Retirement Home is shutting its doors for good, with owners relinquishing their Florida assisted living license after a significant bed bug infestation swept through the facility. In the wake of the closure, it does not appear that management is assisting to relocate the ALF’s residents. Our Fort Lauderdale assisted living neglect attorneys explain the situation at the aging South Florida ALF.

Fort Lauderdale Retirement Home and its Bed Bug Problem

The Fort Lauderdale Retirement Home, located at 401 SE 12th Court in Fort Lauderdale, is an assisted living facility housing more than 80 elderly and mentally ill residents.The building is old. The architecture is that of a bygone South Florida era. Mediterranean revival mixed with Spanish Mission. While the building may need fixing up, there is no excuse for allowing a rampant bed bug infestation. Pest control and proper linen cleaning can remove bed bugs, roaches and unwanted pests from an assisted living facility. This pest control process is fairly cheap and easy. All facilities, large and small, must ensure that linens and pillows are free of bed bugs, mites and scabies.

Unfortunately, this Fort Lauderdale ALF had such a bed bug problem that the Department of Health got involved. While the facility has faced prior Broward County nursing home negligence lawsuits in the past, it is unclear if any of the residents sued over this recent bed bug infestation.

Fort Lauderdale Retirement Home is Closing and Residents are On Their Own to Find New Housing

Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living Closure Letter to ResidentsWith its owners retiring, it looks like the large Fort Lauderdale ALF will be closing its doors. There are no Change of Ownership forms filed with AHCA, so it does not appear that anyone is taking over this ALF. As a result, residents are forced to find new housing.

Apparently, a generic ‘Dear Resident’ letter was given to Fort Lauderdale Retirement Home residents. In it, the letter says “the facility is in no way responsible to assist in relocation.” However, this is contrary to Chapter 58A of the Florida Administrative Code, which mandates Florida ALF’s assist residents in relocation when a facility is being closed.

Where Should Residents and their Families Go From Here?

The Florida Ombudsman is assisting to relocate residents in need. They can be contacted here.

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