Concern at Maryland Genesis HealthCare Locations


Lackluster Ratings at Some Genesis HealthCare Maryland Locations

Genesis HealthCare has ownership in an astounding 16 locations within a 25-mile radius of Ellicott City, MD. However, without investigating each location’s ownership, it would not be clear based on the facility name that any of the locations are related to each other or owned by Genesis, one of the largest healthcare corporations in the United States. Genesis operates over 400 nursing facilities and senior living communities spanning 26 states.

Despite their expansive grasp over the area, the quality of care varies greatly from center to center. A quarter of the locations rate as below average or worse overall on Medicare’s ranking system.

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Poor Health Inspections Across Locations

Many of Genesis’ locations struggle to maintain positive health inspection reviews, even in locations where Medicare rates the facilities well in terms of staffing and quality of care. Genesis also had eight locations that had below average ratings in health inspections in the Ellicott City area:

  • Long Green Center
  • Perring Parkway Center
  • Cromwell Center
  • Loch Raven Center
  • Fairland Center
  • Heritage Center
  • Severna Park Center
  • Westminster Healthcare Center

Of the remaining eight locations in the area, six of them maintain a three out of five rating for health inspections:

  • Hammonds Lane Center
  • Homewood Center
  • Powerback Rehabilitation
  • Multi-Medical Center
  • Waugh Chapel Center
  • Franklin Woods Center

Westminster Healthcare Center has the worst rating among the sixteen locations and had 53 citations in their most recent health inspection, which is almost seven times more than the national average. Larkin Chase Center, one of the two locations in the Ellicott City area to receive above average reviews, still received more citations than the national average.

A History of Lawsuits Against Genesis’ Maryland Nursing Homes

Although a few Genesis locations have been able to avoid lawsuits, the majority of the locations in the Ellicott City area have faced a series of legal battles. Larkin Chase Center has been involved in 30 cases since 2005. Doctors Community Rehabilitation and Patient Care and Severna Park have both been faced with 22 civil cases, with all of the Doctors Community cases coming in the past three years. Fairland Center, one of the worst rated Genesis locations, has been involved in 20+ lawsuits.

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