Repeated Incidents of Nursing Home Abuse Against Genesis Nursing Home

Nursing Home Death and Injury Claim vs. Genesis Healthcare

A series of nursing home abuse allegations against Genesis Healthcare’s Park East nursing home challenges the facility’s license with the state. Genesis’ Park East Care and Rehab Center is currently rated as a “1 Star Facility” by the nursing home compare site. This rating, the lowest allowable, means the nursing home is graded as ‘much below average’ in all categories (health inspections, staffing, and quality measures). As Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys, this saddens us.

Our attorneys have experience suing Genesis for nursing home negligence. If you suspect your loved one was wrongfully injured or killed inside a Genesis nursing home, call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Park East Rehab’s Punitive Fines

Additionally, Park East has been fined more than $200,000 due to a resident’s wrongful death inside the facility. This represents the largest fine paid by an Ohio nursing home since 2014. The $200,000 in fines are administrative only. This means this figure does not include the tens of thousands of dollars paid by Genesis to victims’ families as restitution in nursing home injury and wrongful death claims. Nursing home injury settlements are typically confidential, so the dollar amount paid by Genesis for settlements and verdicts is unable to be calculated.

“Park East Center’s current star rating is reflective of disappointing survey performance in the center’s most recent annual survey…” Genesis representatives said in a Jan. 26 statement. As of the date of this post (April 2, 2017), the Genesis facility was still given the lowest possible rating (1 star) by the Federal Government. CMS has added the Park East nursing home to its ‘Special Focus Facility’ list.

AHCA Citations and Complaints

Intentional Nursing Home Abuse at the Genesis Facility

One incident of wrongful conduct by Genesis nurses involves torturing an elderly Park East resident by spraying cleaning solution into the resident’s eyes. Intentional injury to nursing home residents is a rare occurrence, but these are not mere allegations made by the family. The Genesis nursing home employee admitted to purposely spraying chemicals into the vulnerable patient’s eyes. It is unknown whether this Genesis employee faced criminal charges for elder abuse as a result of this damning admission of nursing home abuse.

Negligent Nursing Home Care by Genesis Employees

In another investigated incident, a Genesis Park East resident died because facility staff failed to clean his breathing tube. This unintentional wrongdoing is considered nursing home neglect or negligence. According to state and federal investigations, this was not the first time the resident had breathing problems due to an uncleaned breathing tube. It is unclear at this point whether the deceased’s family has filed a wrongful death nursing home abuse lawsuit against Genesis.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawyers

Suing Genesis for Wrongful Death or Nursing Home Abuse

Genesis Healthcare is one of the largest nursing home abuse chains in the country. If you bring an injury or death claim against Genesis, you will surely be met with a team of defense lawyers fighting your claim at every level. Make sure to retain a dedicated nursing home abuse law firm to fight for your rights. We charge no up front fees and we only get paid if you make a recovery. Call us now to learn more about our nursing home abuse focused law firm, at 1-844-253-8919.


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