Golden Glades Nursing and Rehab Puts Residents at Risk, Says Agency

Coronavirus violations against Golden Glades Nursing and Rehab

Golden Glades Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been Investigated by CMS and has been Cited for Failing to Follow Infectious Disease Prevention

Located at 220 Sierra Drive in Miami, Florida, Golden Glades Rehab is a skilled nursing facility with recent citations for COVID prevention violations. Government agency investigators have determined that Golden Glades coronavirus failures have placed its residents in immediate jeopardy of serious harm or death.

Golden Glades Nursing and Rehab was formerly owned by convicted felon Philip Esformes, and is currently owned by Bent Philipson, Deborah Philipson and the Philipson Family LLC.

Lawsuit vs. Golden Glades Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?

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Allegations of Failing to Control Coronavirus and COVID-19 at Golden Glades Rehab

According to NBC6 Miami, an inspection survey was conducted at the Miami facility on April 1, 2020, where the agency cited Golden Glades Nursing Home for failing to follow “infection control safety practices and guidance” pertaining to COVID-19.

Failing to Separate Symptomatic Patients

Specifically, Golden Glades was cited for allowing a resident who was positive for coronavirus to share a room with an uninfected resident. Further failures occurred after this initial exposure to coronavirus.

“The facility failed to isolate him and alert the nursing home and hospital staff about the potential exposure, even when he was transferred to a hospital for a low grade fever.” NBC6

Even after this, in the standard transfer form that accompanies the nursing home resident to the hospital, the facility staff wrote that the patient had no contact with any COVID-19 positive patients, which was untrue.

Using Durable Medical Equipment on Residents and Visitors, Exposing More to Coronavirus

In addition to the above, a receptionist at Golden Glades SNF admitted that she used the same pulse oximeter on incoming visitors, nursing home employees and residents; all without disinfecting the piece of equipment.

This piece of equipment measures your oxygen saturation levels by placing your finger inside the device. The surface of the device is plastic and easily transfers germs and virus if not properly cleaned.

It has not been reported how many individuals (patients, staff and visitors) used the unclean pulse ox device.

Citation Against Golden Glades Nursing Home in Miami

Ultimately, CMS found that by failing to follow COVID-19 protocol, the facility put residents, employees and visitors in immediate jeopardy and that the harm was likely to cause serious injury, harm or death. This is a grave allegation that is rarely levied by agency surveyors.

Stopping the Spread of COVID-19 Together

As a society, we must come together to stop the spread of coronavirus. Especially in our most vulnerable patients, like those who reside at Golden Glades Nursing & Rehab.

If you know of a Florida facility that is failing to follow protocol and neglecting resident care, report the facility by calling 1-800-96-ABUSE. These kinds of failures to prevent the spread of infection are grounds for a COVID-19 nursing home lawsuit.

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