Golden Living Nursing Home Whistleblower Lawsuit

Suing Golden Living for Nursing Home Abuse

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro reinstates the government’s nursing home whistleblower lawsuit against the Golden Living nursing home chain. The claim centers around the fact that Golden Living routinely understaffs its nursing homes and fails to provide appropriate levels of care to residents.

Who is Golden Living Nursing Home?

Golden Living is a large, national nursing home chain operating under the corporate parent company, Golden Gate National Senior Care, LLC. The multi-state corporation owns and controls a series of nursing homes and assisted living facility campuses.

What is the State of Pennsylvania Alleging in the Government Whistleblower Case?

In its lawsuit, the Attorney General alleges that Golden Living made promises to its residents to provide a certain level of care (i.e. marketing), but failed to deliver on these obligations (i.e. actual care provided). A prior lawsuit filed by Shapiro’s office was dismissed in March of 2017, in which it was alleged that Golden Living violates consumer protection and unfair trade practice laws by not providing enough staff.

“Golden Living makes specific promises about resident care that it cannot perform because it purposely short-staffs its homes to maximize profits.” – PennLive

State Investigations Confirm Allegations of Widespread Understaffing

State of Pennsylvania investigators found the following violations at Golden Living facilities:

  • failing to give residents a bath on time due to understaffing;
  • failing to change linens and keep residents clean due to a shortage of nurses;
  • failing to help vulnerable residents who need assistance due to a lack of staff.

What Comes Next in the Golden Living Lawsuit?

Whether the appellate court allows the AG’s case to proceed is a ruling that has yet to be decided. However, aggrieved families can bring private claims against Golden Living for injury and wrongful death due to understaffing. Speak with our experienced and compassionate Miami nursing home abuse attorneys now for your free consultation.

Suspect Nursing Home Neglect?

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Remove your loved one to a hospital or another facility.
  2. Report the nursing home negligence to the state agencies.
  3. Contact the nursing home abuse lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm to learn more about your legal rights.


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