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Cases against Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

Legal History at Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach Assisted Living Facility

Owned and licensed by GV Deerfield Beach LLC since September 2016, Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach is a 240-bed assisted living facility located at 1050 SW 24th Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-7601. Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach is an assisted living facility with a focus on residents with cognitive decline.

Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach has been fined 8 times, $500 each time, for a total of $4,000. Moreover, two parties have filed lawsuits against Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach since GV Deerfield Beach LLC has owned the assisted living facility. A summary of the allegations in those pending cases is provided below.

Prior Lawsuits for Injury and Neglect Against Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

Raymond Jean Baptist as personal representative of the Estate of Luce Doutache, deceased v. GV Deerfield Beach, LLC d/b/a Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

Allegations: Ms. Luce Doutache was a resident at Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach. While residing at the Broward County assisted living facility, Grand Villa Deerfield allegedly failed to provide a proper care plan for Ms. Doutache. The Complaint alleges that Ms. Doutache suffered injury, physical impairment, loss of capacity to enjoy life, and medical expenses, prior to passing away in April 2017.

Frank Polizzotto, as personal representative of the Estate of Vincenza Polizzotto, deceased v. GV Deerfield Beach, LLC d/b/a Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Ms. Vincenza Polizzotto was admitted to Grand Villa at Deerfield Beach although she required more care than the assisted living facility could provide. As a result, Ms. Polizzotto allegedly suffered falls, unexplained injuries, and the development and deterioration of wounds. Ms. Polizzotto ultimately passed away in July 2019.

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Survey Findings at Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

Moreover, in addition to the allegations above, Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach has been cited by the Florida Agency of Health Care Administration for regulation deficiencies. The citations offer some support of the allegations made in the lawsuits above, and indicate that some of the staff at this assisted living facility may not have received all of the requisite training.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 1/17/2019

According to this survey, a review of the records showed that a resident was admitted despite needing more assistance than the facility could provide. When interviewed, the Administrator stated that they found out that the resident had swallowing issues and required supervision. However, the facility did not discharge the resident for another two months because, according to the Administrator, the resident’s family had difficulty finding another facility for the resident and he was admitted into hospice care for some time during those two months. A physician’s assessment that would support the facility’s reasons for discharging the resident was not provided.

Moreover, piles of trash and debris were observed in the staircases that posed a safety hazard. In addition, the Admission/Transfer and Discharge log was not properly updated and was found to be inaccurate. Finally, the facility’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan had not yet been approved.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/20/2018

This survey was based on a confidential phone call that alleged that the facility did not have enough dining staff. During confidential interviews, several residents stated that the food was of poor quality, soup was consistently very watery and only a small portion was served. In addition, the wait times were very long as there were only three staff members to serve the entire room. This did not leave enough staff to clear the tables before the next course was served and delayed serving times. For example, the surveyor noted that the residents had been present in the dining room since 11:30 a.m., but were not served until 12:10 p.m. The soup was observed to be extremely watery, and portion sizes were not indicated on the menu, which meant that there was no assurance that approved dietary menus were being followed.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 7/24/2018

This survey showed several deficiencies regarding compliance with training and elopement drills. A review of Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach’s records showed that no elopement drills had been conducted within the last two years. Regulations require that elopement drills are conducted at least twice a year.

One staff member was found to lack documentation that would show he received the required training, despite providing direct care to residents. The same staff member had not received Extended Congregate Care training.


The lawsuits and the citations issued against the Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach suggest that, while the facility is overall a good one, family members should remain vigilant in watching over their loved one.

Under federal and Florida state law, residents at assisted living facilities have the right to be treated with proper care. If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from negligent or abusive care at this assisted living facility, please do not hesitate to contact us. At the Senior Justice Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys focus on nursing home and assisted living facility abuse and neglect, and we may be able to help you with your case.

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