Brentwood Senior Living at St. Pete Legal Issues

Cases and Citations against Brentwood at St. Pete ALF Memory Care Facility

Legal History of Brentwood at St. Pete, a St. Petersburg Assisted Living Facility

The Pinellas County assisted living and memory care facility has been cited by state officials for resident falls, lack of employee training and failure to complete safety checks on residents.

Owned by St. Petersburg Operator, LLC since August 2016, Brentwood Senior Living at St. Petersburg is a for-profit, assisted living facility providing 240 beds. Although management of the company claims to provide an environment wherein residents can “spend their time the way they want with an activities calendar that’s always full of suggestions,” the  facility has been fined three times for a total of $1,150.00 since 2016.

In addition, the Agency for Health Care Administration has cited the facility numerous times since ownership changed in 2016. A summary of the three most recent citation reports are provided below and give insight into how the facility is being operated.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies at Brentwood at St. Pete Dated 11/22/2019

During this inspection survey, AHCA found several deficiencies. For one resident, his admission and discharge were not recorded on the facility’s admission and discharge log. The Health and Wellness Director stated that she was not aware that the resident’s information was not entered.

The same resident was reported to have fallen and discovered lying on the floor. The resident could not recall exactly what had happened. 911 was immediately called and the resident was transferred to the hospital. However, no adverse incident report was filed and no follow up was made with the resident’s family because, according to the Health and Wellness Director, the family was upset at the facility after the fall.

Moreover, the same resident’s records showed that a plan of care was made based on his need for grooming, bathing, medication management, transfers, and toileting. The records also noted that staff should report to a nurse if the resident had a change in gait or ability to balance. The records stated that the resident had requested “periodic safety checks.” When interviewed, the Health and Wellness Director was not able to define what was meant by “periodic safety checks.” Further, a staff member stated that the floor on which the resident resided was for largely independent residents and that staff did not check on them unless called via the call buttons.

In addition, another resident suffered an incident which was categorized by the facility’s internal incident reporting system as “adverse.” Yet, no adverse incident report was filed with AHCA.

In terms of training, the facility failed to ensure that all staff received required training prior to interacting with residents. Staff members working in units with residents who suffered from dementia or other memory problems also had not received the appropriate training. Finally, Brentwood Senior Living at St. Petersburg did not ensure that a staff member trained in first aid was present at all times.

Monitor Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/9/2018

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and ViolationsA monitoring survey to ensure Extended Congregate Care (ECC) requirements were being followed showed that one staff member at Brentwood Senior Living at St. Petersburg had not received the two-hour training required for staff providing services to ECC residents. When interviewed, the Administrator stated that none of the staff had completed the ECC training as she was not aware of the requirement.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/8/2018

According to a complaint survey conducted on this date, 3 out of the 3 staff members sampled had not received the in-service training required within 30 days of their employment. The 3 staff members never received training regarding Activities of Daily Living and Behavioral Needs.


From the deficiency citations issued recently against Brentwood Senior Living at St. Petersburg, the facility appears to have had issues with untrained staff who may not be adequately prepared to care properly for the residents at this assisted living facility. The documented lack of training, combined with the facility’s failure to follow up or report adverse incidents, indicates that negligence at Brentwood Senior Living is a possibility.

As negligence or abuse at assisted living facilities can lead to serious injuries or even death, we recommend you get in touch with an experienced Florida assisted living neglect attorney if you suspect that you or a loved one suffered a neglect injury at Brentwood Senior Living at St. Petersburg, or any other facility.

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