HarborChase of Coral Springs Sued in Lawsuits; Faces State Deficiencies

Suing Harbor Chase of Coral Springs for Wrongful Death

HarborChase of Coral Springs is a large, 120 bed assisted living facility located at 2975 NW 99th Avenue in Coral Springs, Florida. Our Coral Springs elder abuse lawyers have handled multiple cases against HarborChase for Florida assisted living negligence lawsuits.

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Who Owns and Operates Harbor Chase of Coral Springs Assisted Living Facility?

HarborChase of Coral Springs is a for-profit A.L.F. The licensee of the facility is HARBORCHASE OF CORAL SPRINGS, LLC, but the facility is managed by HARBOR CORAL SPRINGS MANAGEMENT, LLC and HARBOR ASSISTED LIVING LLC. This individual facility is part of a larger, corporate-owned chain of facilities which is owned by HarborChase.

Prior Lawsuits Against HarborChase of Coral Springs for Assisted Living Negligence and Wrongful Death

*updated 7/17/18

Estate of Collins vs. HarborChase

This ALF fall case involved wrongful death allegations stemming from Assisted Living resident falls. It was alleged that the facility staff failed to timely recognize and react to a resident’s propensity to fall. As a result, the resident allegedly suffered preventable falls.

Margaret Pellegrini vs. HarborChase of Coral Springs

In this case, it was alleged that the Harbor Chase assisted living facility inappropriately kept Ms. Pellegrini as a resident, despite her higher care level needs. As a result, it was alleged that the resident suffered falls resulting in serious injury. The Plaintiff in this case against HarborChase alleged that the facility administration failed to implement proper fall preventative measures.

Etta Williams vs. Harbor Chase of Coral Springs Assisted Living

Ms. Williams fell and injured herself inside the Harbor Chase of Coral Springs assisted living facility. She was ambulating from the bathroom to her wheelchair when she fell. She survived but was badly injured.

State Surveys at HarborChase of Coral Springs

HarborChase of Coral Springs was inspected due to resident family complaints on 11/29/17 and on 3/30/18. Neither inspection revealed any deficiencies.

HarborChase of Coral Springs was also surveyed on 10/19/17 due to a resident complaint. That Complaint survey lead to zero citations.

However, a prior 10/18/16 unannounced licensure survey resulted in a citation for failing to maintain accurate Medication Observation Records for each resident. When facilities do not accurately monitor prescriptions, they run the risk of committing medication mistakes.

The facility enjoys a 4 and 1/2 star rating on SeniorAdvisor.com. Additionally, on Florida Facility Finder, the HarborChase of Coral Springs facility has 3 confirmed complaints and 1 final order/sanction. The amount of administrative fines is $500. In total, the facility has been cited for 6 deficiencies, all of which were Class 3 deficiencies.

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