Lakeside Pavilion Cited for Nursing Home Violations, Sued in Lawsuit

Lakeside Pavilion Lawsuit

Lakeside Pavilion in Naples, FL has been the subject of nursing home negligence lawsuits and multiple state citations. Our Naples nursing home abuse attorneys explain the facility’s background.

The Low Down on Lakeside Pavilion

Lakeside Pavilion is a 120 bed, for-profit, corporate owned skilled nursing facility. The facility is situated on a small lake, hence its name. The facility has both short-term rehabilitation residents, along with long-term care residents.

Who Owns and Operates Lakeside Pavilion?

Lakeside Pavilion is one facility in Southwest Florida, however, it is owned and operated by one of the largest long term care corporations in the United States. Genesis Healthcare owns Lakeside Pavilion and our attorneys have years of experience handling Genesis nursing home abuse lawsuits.

Prior Lawsuits

The following Complaints have been filed in Collier County Circuit Court against the licensee of the facility.

Calazadilla vs. Lakeside Pavilion

This was a 2009 fall case against the nursing home that settled before trial.

Arvigo vs. Lakeside Pavilion

This was a wrongful death nursing home case against Lakeside Pavilion that settled without a trial.

Prior Survey Results & Citations

AHCA has performed numerous unannounced inspections and surveys of the Lakeside Pavilion nursing home, resulting in the following citations.

1/24/18 Survey Results

This unannounced survey resulted in multiple citations for violations of fire code and fire sprinkler systems.

12/12/16 Survey Results

A previous 12/12/16 survey also resulted in multiple citations for violations of fire code and unsafe cooking facilities.

Additional survey and inspection results from before 2016 are available here.

Nursing Home Lawsuit Against Lakeside Pavilion?

Suspect your loved one died under questionable circumstances? Did your family member suffer an unexplained injury, like a broken hip, while a resident at Lakeside Pavilion? Did you discover a bedsore on your loved one’s tailbone or heels?

All of the above injuries are red flags of elder abuse and neglect. These injuries may be grounds for a nursing home negligence case against the facility.

Let our compassionate and experienced lawyers help your family get answers. We never charge a fee unless we collect money for you, and there is always a free consultation call.

Speak with our attorneys now to learn more about your legal options. Let our family help yours.

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