Huntington Place Lawsuits Filed

Huntington Place Lawsuits for nursing home abuse

Huntington Place is a skilled nursing facility, owned by Genesis Healthcare, located at 1775 Huntington Lane in Rockledge, FL 32955.  Huntington Place is a for profit facility and has 100 beds.  The phone number for Huntington Place is (321) 632-7341.

Huntington Place Lawsuits

Huntington Place has a history of being sued for alleged nursing home abuse.  Currently, a Huntington Place lawsuit has been filed alleging nursing home abuse.  In Kendrick v. Huntington Place Limited Partnership, the decedent, Gloria Suppa, was a resident at Huntington Place in Brevard County.  While a resident, Ms. Suppa allegedly suffered a pattern of falls which led to grave injuries.  The complaint alleges that Ms. Suppa fell at least 5 times.  Sadly, the complaint alleges that these falls led to intracranial bleeding, septic shock and death.

Huntington Place Inspection Reports

Huntington Place’s prior lawsuits allege nursing home negligence at the facility.  Huntington Place also has a significant amount of inspection deficiencies cited from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).  For instance, on December 13, 2017, the AHCA cited a whopping 23 pages worth of deficiencies against Huntington Place.  These deficiencies included the following:

  1. a failure to establish and maintain a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan;
  2. a failure to inspect fire extinguishers on a monthly basis;
  3. a failure to maintain smoke walls that are required to be installed to resist the spread of smoke and toxic products of combustion in case of a fire;
  4. a failure to maintain doors to prevent impediments to opening them in case of emergency;
  5. a failure to adequately use power chords without being a tripping hazard, among many others.

These citations are often the result of understaffing.  When staffing is thin, and there are only a few workers to address a large amount of residents, tasks such as ensuring doors are not blocked or power chords are not tripping residents are neglected.  Sadly, these neglected tasks can lead to falls, fractures or deaths.

Senior Justice Nursing Home Lawyers

Do you have a Huntington Place lawsuit?  The Orlando attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm focus on nursing home abuse cases, and have experience suing nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the state, from the Keys to the Panhandle.  Let our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys help you achieve justice in your Huntington Place lawsuit.


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