Lakewood Healthcare Center Lawsuits and Deficiencies

Lawsuits vs. Lakewood Park Healthcare Center

Background Information on Lakewood Healthcare Center

Lakewood Healthcare Center is a for-profit nursing home and rehabilitation center located in California. This 290-bed facility can be found at 12023 Lakewood Blvd. in Downey, CA and is also known as Lakewood Park Health Center. The legal business name of the facility is The Healthcare Center of Downey, LLC. It is owned by Rechnitz Lakewood GP and affiliated with Brius Management.

As of September 2023, Lakewood Healthcare Center was rated one out of five stars by Medicare. According to Medicare, a rating of one out of five stars is considered to be “much below average.” Lakewood Healthcare Center’s low Medicare rating can be attributed to the facility’s poor performance with health, complaint, and infection control inspections. Within the last year of inspections, the facility received 24 health citations. For comparison, the annual average number of health citations in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the United States is 9.

Furthermore, Lakewood Healthcare Center has been sued in the past for allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect. These allegations are outlined below.

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Lawsuits Against Lakewood Healthcare Center for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Allegations

The following lawsuits have been filed against Lakewood Healthcare Center:

Talley, Thomas vs. Lakewood Healthcare Center

Allegations: While sleeping in his room at Lakewood Healthcare Center, Mr. Talley was violently assaulted by another resident. The resident, who staff were aware held hostility towards Mr. Talley and had a history of violence, snuck into Mr. Talley’s room at night and used a metal object to hit Mr. Talley’s head. Mr. Talley was hospitalized with severe injuries to his face.

Robertson, Louise vs. Lakewood Park Healthcare Center

Allegations: In May of 2018, Jackie Armstrong filed an Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse lawsuit against Lakewood Healthcare Center on behalf of Ms. Robertson.

Deficiencies at Lakewood Healthcare Center for Resident Care Violations

September 23rd, 2022, Inspection at Lakewood Healthcare Center

A complaint inspection was completed at Lakewood Healthcare Center after a resident left the facility without the knowledge of staff. The resident, who had previously displayed exit-seeking behaviors, was supposed to be monitored closely. The resident was able to elope from the facility through a side door. Staff did not become aware of the resident’s absence until three hours later. Police were able to locate the resident and transport them to an acute care hospital approximately ten hours after the elopement.

July 27th, 2021, Inspection at Lakewood Healthcare Center

Based on an inspection at Lakewood Healthcare Center in July 2021, it was determined that the facility failed to maintain a safe and clean environment for residents. During a walkthrough of the building, a surveyor was almost hit in the head by a T.V. that had been placed unsecure on the top of a 7-foot-tall closet. Additionally, surveyors observed walls with splintering wood, broken ceiling tiles, holes in walls, and broken furniture.

April 9th, 2019, Inspection at Lakewood Healthcare Center

During an inspection at the facility in April 2019, inspectors were informed of a scabies outbreak among residents. Residents were not thoroughly assessed when they first began complaining of itchiness and swollen extremities, which led to a delay in treatment.


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