Lawsuits Against HarborChase of North Collier

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Lawsuits Against HarborChase of North Collier and Fines Levied by the State

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About HarborChase of North Collier

HarborChase of North Collier is an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) located at 101 Cypress Way East in Naples, Florida.  The facility is currently at 100% capacity and has filled all of its 75 beds.  The facility holds an Extended Congregate Care (ECC) license and advertises that it has a memory care unit.

The underlying facility is owned and managed through a web of related companies that exist under the HarborChase umbrella.  The licensee of the facility, Harborchase of North Collier, LLC, is owned by Senior Living Holdings, LLC.  The facility is managed by Harbor Assisted Living, LLC.

Lawsuits Against HarborChase of North Collier from Injured Residents

One of the more recent lawsuits against HarborChase of North Collier shows the ugly truth about some assisted living facilities.  While they may advertise world class care and might seem high quality at first glance, often times they are understaffed and poorly run.  By focusing on profits instead of care, many assisted living facilities like HarborChase of North Collier end up injuring or killing residents through abuse or neglect.

According to the Complaint in Sylvia Martino v. HarborChase of North Collier, Sylvia Martino became a resident at the facility for help with activities of daily life (ADLs).  Sylvia needed this help from staff because of general muscle weakness, abnormal gait, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and hypertension.  Sadly, the staff at HarborChase of North Collier allegedly neglected Mrs. Martino.  This neglect led to Stage 4 decubitus ulcers on her body.

According to the Complaint, the facility fail to turn or reposition Mrs. Martino to prevent pressure wounds.  Additionally, the Complaint argues that Mrs. Martino should have been in a higher care facility, and the staff failed to use a Form 1823.  Sadly, according to the Complaint, Mrs. Martino required emergent care for her Stage 4 wounds, as they became infected with MRSA.

Lawsuits Against HarborChase of North Collier from the State of Florida

The state of Florida has brought a number of lawsuits against HarborChase of North Collier that have led to fines. Under the current ownership, there have been a whopping 8 state fines since 2008. Glaringly, 5 of these fines have occurred in that past 3 years. The fines levied by the state against Harborchase of North Collier range from $500 to $5,500 and are the result of violations that surfaced during inspections of the facility.

  • On November 21, 2017 the state of Florida levied $1,500 against HarborChase of North Collier for 3 violations of Florida Chapter 429. The first violation was levied because HarborChase of North Collier failed to do background checks on certain employees and failed to keep an accurate database of current employees. The second violation involved a staff member crushing medication that explicitly stated it should not be crushed before consumption. The third violation was related to failing to respect the privacy of a resident. These background check issues also resulted in fines on October 26, 2016.
  • On June 08, 2016 the state of Florida levied $1,000 against HarborChase of North Collier for a single violation. According to the State, the facility failed to honor the resident’s rights for a “safe, clean and decent living environment for 3 of 5 rooms visited”. Even though all rooms were supposed to be cleaned weekly, residents stated that their rooms had not been cleaned in over two months. Rooms had dried feces on the walls, dried blood stains on the sheets, strong odors of urine with urine soaked clothing and other unclean conditions across the facility.
  • On September 15, 2009, the state of Florida levied a massive $5,500 fine against HarborChase of North Collier for not protecting a resident from being sexually assaulted by another resident. This resident sexual assault was preventable, as staff had seen the resident fondling the victim and did not report it or attempt to stop it. The aide simply said “knock it off” and may no attempt to stop such sexual assault from reoccurring.

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