Lawsuits Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown

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Lawsuits Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown: Background Information

ManorCare is responsible for lawsuits against manorcare health services of pottstown. Manorcare chooses to understaff the facility for profit.

ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown is a for-profit nursing home located at 724 North Charlotte Street, Pottstown, PA 19464.  The true owner of this facility is HCR ManorCare.  The facility has 150 beds and accepts medicare, medicaid and private payment for its residents..

According to the Montgomery County Clerk of Court, there have been a whopping 6 lawsuits against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown since September of 2011.  While the majority of these lawsuits settled, we know that one case resulted in a final settlement for wrongful death claims of $750,000 to the plaintiff in 2016.

Why Have There Been So Many Lawsuits Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown?

The fact that there have been 6 lawsuits against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown in the last 8 years can appear shocking.  You might ask, why is ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown getting sued so frequently.  Each facility is different, and there is never a smoking gun answer to why one facility seems to repeatedly get called into court for nursing home abuse and neglect.

With that said, understaffing is one of the biggest causes of many types of neglect, including bedsores, falls and even wrongful death.  There may be a significant amount of lawsuits against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown because they staff below both state and national averages, according to data (reproduced below).

Understaffing leads to lawsuits against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown

Do I Have A Lawsuit Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown?

Nursing home litigation is complex, so it is impossible to know whether you have a case just from reading a website.  Luckily, we offer free consultations to anyone who thinks they may have a case.

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